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Gundam Unicorn the movie has confirmed
April 8, 2009, 6:04 pm
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Here’s proof video by Sunrise’s CEO (05.30)

Sunrise press conference at Cartoons On The Bay 2009





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The guy with cap is Tomino-san, lol.

Comment by Zechs


A highly anticipated anime !

Comment by sbhboi

some guy said that the SEED movie will come out this summer. Is that true?

Comment by jerry

Fa Gian, Tanks! ^_^

Comment by Debris

[…] ..Video che conferma l’annuncio dell’Unicorn Movie fatto dal Presidente della Sunrise Yoshii […]

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2 movies in one year, 2010 certainly be the year of Gundam!

Comment by Rekkou


It was announced that SEED movie will come out this year. But there is still no information ’bout it, so summer premier is very questionable.

Comment by Rune

3 movies!!! SEED one too!!!

Comment by Folka

oh ok Rune 😦

Comment by jerry

WOAH! Nice. Very exciting to learn that it’s real.

Comment by DarkCode

well, just hope Sunrise won’t screw this one up

though with Tomino there….

Comment by bambang

That’s cool and all. Too bad my Japanese is bad and my Italian is even worse. I did hear the guy mention something about Cowboy Beebop and then about 5 mins 50 secs in I head the guy say Gundam Unicorn. Was that the confirmation we’ve been looking for??

Comment by Anonymous

why is it in italian?

just curious…

Comment by ottoto

CV will be happy ever after. and doomed again after see the truth this Earth, for him, is full by fag

Comment by Fighters

Ottoto: Because this was covered in Italy by local fanclubs there and Italians are terrible at English. The movie only helps prove my point that FAGS DON’T READ and I was right all along!

Comment by codename:v

I hope they dont turn out like shin mazinger lol.

Comment by The Spoiler

So wait a second, a couple of things CV.

The fact was that you had denied Unicorn and listed terrible reasons why it wouldn’t happen, now you’re all huffy and puffy telling people that they can’t read in a retarded way.

God damn you’re mature, I wish I could be just like you.

Anyways, I’m glad they are animating it, and I hope CV dies in a fantastic fire.

Comment by DarkCode

Where are all the butthurt gundam 00fags now?

I believe it is proper to say:


Comment by GodHand

i hope Unicorn Banshee’s MG model will follow UC’s movie release.. or even before it..

Comment by Sei

Uh, Godhand, you do realize 00 Fans are getting a 00 Movie too. Don’t act retarded.

Also, stop using /b/ lingo. It just makes you as stupid as CV.

Comment by DarkCode

These idiots who persist in this…retarded behavior that you can’t love both 00 and UC make me both laugh and feel pity towards them. More laughing though.

Comment by yukigono

Yeah, they sure are hilariously delusional, eh?

Comment by DarkCode

2010 is the Year of the Gundam

UCfags and AUfags get something.

Comment by Anonymous

I love all Gundam timelines

Comment by amuro0093

huh some people are really stupid… is there a rule saying if you like UC series u wont like others? i am a gundam fan and i have enjoyed every series i’ve watched so far (bar the first half of ZZ)and yeah that also includes G Gundam too!

Comment by kureha

It’s Cv and his companon policy that thinking must separate between UC fags and AU fags.

Comment by Anonymous

Darkcode: Hellya, I can see that you’re really a retard at the way how you behave and once again, you prove to me that FAGS DON’T READ

(and I hope CV dies in a fantastic fire.)
Now doesn’t this make you STUPID as well? Godhand would be more delight to take on more GAY 00 fags like you, carry on.

Loving something doesn’t mean to suck up to it, that’s called ASS-KISSING, which are only for faggots like you.

(is there a rule saying if you like UC series u wont like others?)
Nobody made up such rules except faggots like you because frank opinions are always deemed trolling to overhyped faggots.

Comment by codename:v

Yes, somehow I can’t read, that’s it.

Plus, the way I act doesn’t matter if I limit it to you, since you’re an asshole whose feelings do not matter.

Wishing that a cancer would go away and being stupid are two different things. You are the definition of the cancer in this fandom.

So you know Godhand’s feelings? Is that some pillow talk after giving him a BJ? (Of course, it doesn’t matter if you are two different people or not, you both act exactly the same, I see that you are sad enough to pretend to be more than one person on this board.)

Comment by DarkCode

Also, you don’t have fucking “frank” opinions you have offensive, retarded (/b/ like), responses that involve the word faggot to an obsessive amount, insulting the very fans of what you don’t like to an insane degree, lacking any respect at all. That is hardly frank. Whenever you don’t like someone’s opinion it’s because they are a “faggot” no other reason. Please, you are the definition of the cancer in this fandom. Please die.

Comment by DarkCode

Awesome. Some delicious animated Sinanju and Unicorn action to look forward to.

Comment by F97 X-1

What did you tell you before, V? Stop responding to other people’s comments. You suck at it. Every time you do, you get owned… horribly XD

Look at your last response. It’s all nonsense. I wonder where in the world you get such crazy ideas. Apparently you arrogance left you so blinded, you can’t admit that you’re a troll. Your excuse was “frank opinions?” Quite frankly, frank is pissed.

Oh, and, to make this a lot easier and fun… all your last comments are all hypocritical. What does this means, V?

1. You don’t read (what does that make you? hur hur hur)

2. Kissing the old UC ass, eh? (what does that make you? hurdaduralar)

3. Who is the one trying to enforce who? Because clearly, the one offending ISN’T the one trying to enforce their views on others. >_> (and, once again, what does that make you?)

So, once again, V. Stop responding to people. You suck at it. Although, if you want, continue. Because it’s so easy to make fun of you. XD

Comment by Nameless

CV, wow, just wow. Watching you flail about is hilarious.

Comment by yukigono

Also, it’s no surprise your banned from any legitimate forum, since you can’t act like an adult and be civil.

Comment by yukigono

CV, got pain in ass. he act as god like Setsuna in 00 again. And now he is in trans hikikomori fag mode. can’t get the point view of everyone comment

Comment by Fighters

see how suck you really are faggot v. telling can’t read mandarin and japanese’s kanji, but you can’t speak really well in english. That proved how suck you really are

Comment by Epsilon_013

[…] Gundam Unicorn the movie has confirmed Here’s proof video by Sunrise’s CEO (05.30) Sunrise press conference at Cartoons On The Bay 2009 – […] […]

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well you know whats my frank opinion on UC series? as good as it is, i find them the most overated, overhyped series of the Gundam franchise, mainly because of fanboys like you. while us gundam fans have no problems on accepting the strength and weakness of each series, wether its form UC,AU, or AD era, its fanboys like you that glorify a series, not accepting cirtism, while bombarding other eras with stupid comments. Yes 00 had many flaws, as pointed out many times by so many people, but its still a bloody enjoyable show! tell me C.V, how great was Z? while the series as a whole was good, i cant help but hate the characters in zeta, except char of course. watching the likes of Kamile and Katz disobeying orders, every single episode really gets tiring after a while..and the first 20 episodes of ZZ was probably the worst 20 episodes of an anime i’ve ever watched imo…

i wanna make this clear: i’ve enjoyed every gundam series i’ve watched till now(again, bar the 20 episodes of ZZ), the only difference is unlike a fanboy, i have no problems in accepting flaws in a series, and as long as its enjoyable in the end, im a happy person.

Comment by kureha

Seriously, everyone here who responds to code is an idiot. You know he is a troll. You know he is seeking attention and you know you’re certainly giving it to him since you guys ACTUALLY respond to his dumbass comments. Wow, you guys PWNED him on the internet, BIG FREAKING DEAL.

If you’re not an idiot, please just ignore him since all he’s going to do is rant and rant about the same things like a broken record and say the word faggot like it’s the only word he ever learned.

Comment by shady123

I don’t know, man, it is pretty funny to see him try to think he is intelligent. I know it makes me giggle incessantly.

Comment by DarkCode

“everyone here who responds to code is an idiot. You know he is a troll”

Is that including you ?

Comment by The Spoiler


We aren’t fueling the Troll named V. He’s fueling us! >=)

Comment by Nameless


Yeah I agree. If you don’t take him seriously, I find him to be funny dumbass. Just watch him post some random BS. But the problem is that WAY too many people take him seriously and try to convince/persuade/argue with him which is really stupid. That’s what I learned from arguing with him and people should know too.

@The Spoiler

Is that a serious question to ask? Or are you just trying to be a smart ass? Either way I couldn’t care less.

I use to post here long time ago doing the same thing some people here are doing, but I don’t really comment much anymore since I’m lazy. If you want to check some of my arguments with code, check some of the earlier months on this blogging site. I just come to this site to get my fill in some mecha news.


I hope so lol.

Comment by shady123

hey so did is there going or not to be a gundam seed movie?

Comment by sisco

I’d probably say the Seed movie is not going to happen, but, I can’t say for sure. I just don’t think they are going to go back to the SEED universe given they’ve already moved on to 00 and it’s upcoming movie. Though, I suppose I wouldn’t mind seeing if Fukada could redeem himself from Destiny. Though, I’ve never really cared for his directing style at all, way too many obvious tricks to cut budgets, and god awful uses of flashbacks.

Comment by DarkCode

[…] of the news: SRW Hotnews , Ngee […]

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[…] tej samej nazwie. Prawdopodobnie za realizację projektu odpowiadać będzie sam Yoshiyuki Tomino. Źródło. Autor: admin Data: 12 kwi 2009 o 18:51 Kategorie: Manga&Anime Komentarze: Możesz […]

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I wouldn’t mind the SEED movie all too much. I mean, SEED universe wasn’t all that bad. It gave birth to the Astray series and Stargazer. Still… I was very very disappointed in Destiny. Characters that should be dead (as much as I liked Fraga… he’s dead. The only explanation I’ll believe that that’s Fraga is if he’s his clone) and characters we WANT dead (Kira and Shinn, no doubt) are still alive.

Still, if SEED and Destiny have taught us anything… Earth forces suck (unless they mass produce Sven) and whoever is the head of ZAFT has some insane plan. Therefore since Lacus is now leader of ZAFT, I look forward to Lacus’s insane plan for world domination. XD

Comment by Nameless

…So has this gone off topic or what? Id din’t realise we were discussing Trolls the movie instead of Unicorn. Personally Unicorn Movie better be good. F91 as a movie wasn’t too great in all honesty, CCA was more enjoyable, and here’s the hope that Unicorn will be put together decently.

Comment by F97 X-1

Since I’m almost certain you didn’t read this, V (ironic, given your poor choice of words used to describe pretty much anyone on this board,) I’ll post it again. Copy-paste time.

“Kazunori Ueno said in an interview back in December 2006 that the possibility of an animated Unicorn would be “under evaluation” for awhile, and that it probably wouldn’t make for a good 30-minute program based on the plot, and that if they were to adapt it, they’d like to do it in a way that is most appropriate (see; If this upcoming announcement in Volume 8 indeed confirms a film adaptation or otherwise, it really wouldn’t be surprising.

Face it, “evaluating” means “how are our gunpla sales for it over the next few years.” They were testing the waters with one or two Gunpla releases, and the fact that the only merchandise released out of the story was the Unicorn and Sinanju pretty much points directly to notion that Unicorn models aren’t exactly in high demand compared to the current fad, 00 (after all, it’s amazing that they haven’t announced an MG Banshee yet, considering it’s little more than a recolor wth a few different parts.) An animation would help give better incentive for fans to buy more models, as well as give themselves some incentive to bring other designs into the gunpla market as well as into other mediums, like Fix Figuration or Robot Damashii (Banrise is NOT going to let designs with so much merchandising potential as Unicorn’s go to waste, that is a damn fact. Why else have Katoki work on the project?) In light of this, it wouldn’t surprise me if Unicorn got an animated adaptation. I’m not getting my hopes up until I see some officiality to the rumor, but it simply wouldn’t be a surprise to me if it were true, even if this rumor never surfaced in the first place.

I may not be able to read moon rune, but I sure know how to read into the workings of the entertainment industry, faggot.”

So that pretty much sums it up. Anyone who says that Unicorn will NEVER get animated because of this or that is a bit too presumptuous and naive (I.E. especially you.) The possibility was ALWAYS there, and Banrise has been holding that thought for awhile now. We just have to wait and see the verdict; it could go either way, really.

But in the long run, V, you simply prove that bitches like you can’t comprehend complex business investments. Unicorn was a risky investment into UC’s strong following from the beginning, and if the novel’s total revenue fails to satisfy their expectations, they are going to make said investment pay off in another way.

Comment by codename:v is a piss poor troll

the last time I heard someone use the word “Faggot” so much was when I was in 2nd grade. CV isn’t satisfied with anything.

Parents:”Happy Birthday CV”
CV:”Oh great, only 2 more years and I can be tried as an adult, thanks alog faggots”

Father:”You ready to get your first car?”
CV:”Great, why not just charge me like $400 a month for using your bathroom, you don’t know me cause your a FAGGOT”

CV’s G/F:” I think its time we settled down and get married”
CV:”Oh great, buying stuff isn’t enough for you, now you want half my stuff I bought for myself, God your such a FAGGOT”

State Lottery:”Congradulations, you just wone $10,000,000″
CV:”Oh great, another excuse for the goverment to bleed me dry with their FAGGOTRY-TAXES, and I bet I can’t just get it here, I’ll have to drive 3 hours to pick up a check which I’ll have to deposit in my bank account, I can’t even get cash cause this country is so full of FAGGOTS!!”

Comment by anonymous

CV sure seems to know alot about faggots

Comment by anony-mouse


of course… only he knows himself the best right?

Comment by kureha

[…] that was going to be announced? On April 8th reports had come out from an event in Italy called the Cartoons on the Bay 2009, which featured Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise’s CEO Takayuki Yoshi as guests, […]

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[…] has also provided video proof by Sunrise’s CEO. Sunrise press conference at Cartoons On The Bay 2009 with their source from […]

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[…] that was going to be announced? On April 8th reports had come out from an event in Italy called the Cartoons on the Bay 2009, which featured Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise’s CEO Takayuki Yoshi as guests, […]

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[…] that was going to be announced? On April 8th reports had come out from an event in Italy called the Cartoons on the Bay 2009, which featured Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise’s CEO Takayuki Yoshi as guests, […]

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Comment by elp9wwrb6a4

[…] that was going to be announced? On April 8th reports had come out from an event in Italy called the Cartoons on the Bay 2009, which featured Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise’s CEO Takayuki Yoshi as guests, […]

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