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NBGI’s new trademark
April 8, 2009, 8:58 pm
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Here are new trademark that registered by Bandai-namco.

商願2009-009128 写して実感!ダイエットメモ
商願2009-009129 テイルズ オブ ブレセア\Tales of Blessea
商願2009-009131 テイルズ オブ ユニフィクス\Tales of Unifics
商願2009-009132 バラデューク\BARADUKE
商願2009-009133 義勇伝
商願2009-009547 ギャラクシアン\Galaxian
商願2009-009848 テイルズオブバトルファンダム\Tales of Battlefandom
商願2009-011173 GWARS
商願2009-011254 BAnPRESTO
商願2009-012450 Eye Lash
商願2009-012451 The Great Pirates Adventure
商願2009-012452 The Pirates’ Great Adventure
商願2009-012453 Legend of the Pirates

Source: NeoGAF, 速報@保管庫2


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What does this mean? BAnPRESTO’s alive?

Comment by Nabes

New Tales of.. games, great!

Comment by Daichi

Which means??

Comment by amuro0093

Where’s my Super Robot Gakuen?!

Comment by Troll ver. KA


Comment by Mendagu

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