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Upcoming next SRW OG model kit from Kotobukiya
April 8, 2009, 4:05 pm
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Kotobukiya – Gespenst Mk-II Custom 1/144

Release date: August

Price: 4,725 yen





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It’s no RV or the Gaiden upgrade but it’s damn neat. Plus, Kai has an incredibly badass moustache. Must get.

Comment by Amon

In other news, I’m an idiot. It really is the Gaiden custom. Didn’t notice the horn and the dual Plasma Stakes. In other other news, hotcakes. Damn neat. Apologies for my idiocy.

Comment by Amon

i wonder if they are going to release balgora glory 1/144 scale???

Comment by dexter

Not a fan of from-MP units, but I may actually give it a consideration……The old’s team? Hell yes.

Comment by BrianGeneral

Kuso-Jiji model.
Not sure if this is awesome or not, but I still want my Gilliam OGG custom.

Comment by Ed

Not awesome, but awesome.

Comment by Russel

First the ART-1, now this!!?? Wow, Koto sure is churning out a lot of my faves for the OG-verse. I gotta find time to build all these upcoming kits. C’mon Koto…give me my Gespenst RV!!!

Comment by CyberSynaptic

About damn time, yeah!

Comment by radical anime fan

Yes! The Gespenst MK-II Kai! And they finally made the damn machine gun too. XD

DEFINITELY getting this one, otherwise Kai’s going to kick my ass.

Comment by Nameless

Needs a change in color.

Comment by The Spoiler

Hmm The Spoiler, do you realize it’s the Gespenst MK II Kai that belongs to Kai Kitamura Right? it’s like saying that “Char’s Gelgoog” should come with a different color than his Trademark Red, specially if it’s “Char’s Gelgoog”

Comment by Anonymous

kotobukiya sure is busy , hope they didn’t forget the Frame Arms, didn’t see much development lately

Comment by Rekkou

hoho, that’s a neat kit, but I wonder if Kotobukiya is going to release Hugo’s unit too (Wielding F2W Rifle).

Comment by Raven


You’re kidding me, right? It’s the Gespenst Mk-II KAI, not to mention this is his custom Gespesnt. It HAS to be green. Although, if this comes with the rifle… I doubt you’ll see the MX team’s Black and Red verison.

By the way, I love how this one comes with the shotgun. XD

Comment by Nameless

This doesn’t have the Rifle. It made the PT too heavy given that it has TWO Stakes instead of one. I wouldn’t mind having Hugo’s unit though, that was a sexy shade of red.

Comment by Amon

I know it’s too heavy, but doesn’t stop them from putting it as an add on. =b

Because, I doubt they’ll make a recolored version of the same thing unless it’s some sort of limited edition model like they did with the Wurger R, Falken R, Gespenst (Gilliam’s), and Huckebein MK-II and MK-III Trombe. I mean, you can say it’s possible since they’ve done it with the Alteisen, but… quite frankly, I hope it shows up much later on, like in 2010. Because, I want some different models to show up (damnit, bring out the Soulgain and Rapiecage!)

Comment by Nameless

I’ve been waiting for Dis for years. Join the line.
Soulgain, maybe. The moustache is creepy but Code Kirin looks too badass to deny. The frenchie mech, I’ll pass. Would totally dig the Excellence and RV though. Needs more Elzam units too. That theme song is so good if almost makes me forget the totally gay relationship between him and Zengar and his personal scheme is badass. And Granzon too. That thing is too badass not to want. Damn Koto for not pleasing the fans enough.

Comment by Amon


I didn’t mean Kai’s Kai, I meant Team MX’s Kai for the 2010 wait. I am very pleased with the Kai’s Kai. XD

Granzon would be a nice addition since that one company stopped making their Granzon models. =(
I’d say the Excellence units deserve a pass. Their designs were very lame… except that broken Gaiden unit that reminds me of something from Getter (Lightning Excellence?). RV is a definite must.

But… what do you mean by “more Elzam” units? They made ALL of his units (The Huckebein Trombe units are all limited edition when the regular version of those units came out). Aussenseiter came out last year! The only thing missing is the Kurogane. You want them to make a undefined scale model of Kurogane? XD

Comment by Nameless

Does it matter? It’s Elzam. I really do wish his Huckbein’s weren’t limited or I would have gotten them already though.
I like the excellence units more than I probably should. Even if I do think the Flyer is a piece of crap as a unit, it looks really awesome.
And I know you’re talking about the Cry Wolves which is why I said I wouldn’t mind having Hugo’s unit too. Albero’s Custom (Probably better to use this word lest we confuse Kai’s again) was nice looking too. Plus, OG is entering the MX storyline now too, there’s at least a chace of either when the next OG is released. Waiting is still a bitch though.

Comment by Amon

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