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New screens of SD Gundam G Generarion Wars
April 10, 2009, 5:55 am
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Japanese and their English… Berserkr ?

Comment by nt01

finally a g gen that invole everyone in the story instead of play each story by itself, so looking forward to this. xD going to be busy this summer.

Comment by RED-AGENT

they didn’t care about English as long it still has the right pronunciation according to their tongues, and it looks like Special attack indeed makes its return, now i hope they add some battle skills like Generation CE

Comment by Rekkou

Hmm… still no signs of other X suits and characters… I wonder if X will get shafted again…..

Comment by Anonymous

Don’t worry too much about the english, usually they’ll have it changed after the QC or something. 00’s DS game had some weird english in their pre-release pictures, but the final product contained no such errors.

Comment by Anon Ichigo

No offense, but where is the proof of that?

Comment by Anonymous

No offense, but where did you see that?

Comment by Anonymous

there’s a screen shot with Trinity team & Freedom, Freedom just might be our player as a leader, but as long as i remember i never seen Trinity team allied with other, unlike as seen in screen shot where they have battleships as an ally, perhaps it was when OMNI’s attack to ORB & Trinity allied with OMNI

Comment by Rekkou

Hurrah, Neo again!

Comment by Nabes

My bet would be that screen with Trinities is Game+ like in SEED, when after beating stage you can play it again, but this time enemies from other univerces appear alongside with original enemies – like Titans helping OMNI in their attack on Orb or Zeon helping ZAFT in attack on Heliopolis.

Comment by GEF_pilot

No sign of Gundam Double X and maybe it got shafted again? But I hope to see more GX units soon. Good to see Wing Zero TV ver again on the offical media and it seems to use the G vs G pose with its TBR divided into two.

Comment by RobodudeDX

Nightingale is in. Hooray.

Comment by Anonymouse

This isn’t a crossover game. It will play like spirits, portable and the older g gen games on PS1.

Comment by srwog

I’m not very familiar with the SD Gundam games but….if it wont’ be a crossover, why is Strike Freedom facing the Thrones in the 13rd picture?

Comment by Metzen

Strike Freedom could be one of the players units and the Thrones could be reinforcements popping up in that mission.

Comment by boomshock

This game is going to be awesome. ^^

Comment by Daichi

“Strike Freedom could be one of the players units and the Thrones could be reinforcements popping up in that mission.”

yeah, i think the panel colour for Freedom is purple(MASTER UNIT)

Comment by rynwk

Nice pics. Can’t wait to get this game… kantot

Comment by Kantutan

when is this going to be released, anyway? also, the storylines will be intertwined or not?

Comment by pinaworks

They should include Gundam Unicorn for U.C series and Astray series for Cosmic era series…

Comment by SD_GENE_FAN

woot, the wing zero and epyon did’t display it hp.
this could be the sign of overpowered…

Comment by Denn

Erm… what’s that 6th screen about? The kanjis read “Trade”

Comment by AK

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Comment by Chris

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