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Evangelion: Jo (aka Evangelion: Beginning) PV
April 11, 2009, 5:36 am
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Evangelion: Jo (aka Evangelion: Beginning) (PSP/PS2)

Download PV (Megaupload, WMV)

Screenshots from PV. 


Evangelion: Jo is adventure game based on the first film aka Evangelion New Theatrical

Version: Beginning. Game will be out on June 4th 2009.

Official site:


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Damn, that game actually looks pretty fun. I just wish I could understand it since there is 0% chance it’s coming to the states.

Comment by DarkCode

This looks like a decent action game, which are rare in mecha games nowadays, but i’ll wait for some reviews.

Comment by F97 X-1

In action scenes it looks very simmilar to Evangelion 64 with upgraded graphic. Well, maybe I’ll play it when it comes out.

Comment by Rune

This looks very… bland. Of course, I was never thrilled about Evangelion in the first. It’s kinda one of those series that I wished would die already. XD

Comment by Nameless

I look forward to play this game.
I just hope they don’t screw up as in all previous ps2/psp EVA games.
The sad thing is that this game is only based on the first new EVA movie!! Now how is that supposed to be satisfying?
Anyway best EVA game I ever played was the N64 version.

Comment by The Spoiler

Shut up, Nameless…

Comment by Way

Ah, sorry about that. I didn’t expect an Evangelion fanboy here too. >_>

Comment by Nameless

I like Evangelion quite a bit, but hey, we all have our own opinions here, heh.

Comment by DarkCode

at least nameless not shouting like ‘faggy’ V

Comment by Fighters

What was wrong with the PS2/PSP eva games?
The raising sims were fun and the life-sim with all its alternative scenarios was very entertaining too.
Also every EVA game that gives you the opportunity to see a worthwhile ending for EVA is auto win imo.

Comment by Raz

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Comment by With This Diet I Shed Thirty Póunds in Under a Month

god yes i game on Eva 1.0!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by vash32

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