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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn site update
April 14, 2009, 10:11 pm
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Story: 0096/sect.7 planet and the universe (3)


MS: YAMS-132 Rozen-Zulu


Products: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Vol. 8 Illustration cover

*Special Edition will come with Rocket Bazooka for MG Sinanju Ver. Ka.


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that purple unit looks like a alernatiuve upg ver of the psycho gundam mkii

Comment by Ereos

you got it wrong.

Comment by Anonymous

I think it look like upgrade H-Hanma.

Comment by jerid

want will codename v think for his precious gundam unicorn story,considering this is THE gayest mobile suit i have ever saw.

Comment by fidi

fidi: You’ve obviously missed G Gundam if you think this is the gayest suit you’ve ever seen.

(Not saying G Gundam is bad, but some of the designs were abominations)

Comment by thepyro

Disregard my last comment. I’m just a faggot who wants to stir up more girl drama.

Comment by fidi

Ohh Please !!
I think you never watched turn A crap before
Or maybe you did but I don’t blame you if you though it wasn’t even a Gundam series.
And thepyro G Gundams problem is its gay story and some gay designs such as a windmill Gundam or whatever, otherwise the main characters and Gundams in this series are cool.

Comment by The Spoiler

Stop taking on fidi, n00bs… he is just doing what everyone in this blog “enjoys”: to “discuss” with CV.

Comment by Virgo

Once again, the announcement of the Unicorn has prove the fact that FAGS DON’T READ and it’s more significant that they don’t know other Gundam titles but 00-the most forgettable Gundam anime with cheap plots, useless airtimes for useless characters, recycled scenes and retard mecha design.

The Rozen Zulu isn’t the gayest MS, it’s DA GAY MS because it is piloted by a GAY man named Angelo Sauper. The whole silhoutte is based on a rose bouquet and the design fits perfectly for someone gay for Full Frontal.

When it comes to homoeroticism, 00 is DA BOMB with their GAY cast of trannies who can be men by day, women by night. Mizushima’s night job could have been a harajuku drag-queen and that’s why he put DA GAY into Gundam anime, which is how 00 is able to appeal to present YAOI faggots, who are now the new COOL of anime-manga.

How to make Gundam fights more COOL?
Keep it GAY

How to make Gundam meisters more awesome?
Keep it GAY

How to keep faggots glue to every episodes?
Keep it GAY

How to keep faggots purchasing plamos blindly?
Keep it GAY

Simple, isn’t it? Keep it GAY faggots

Comment by codename:v

Disregard my last comment. I’m just a faggot who wants to stir up more girl drama.

Comment by codename:v

How to keep faggots say faggot?
Keep it said GAY to other

Comment by my suck art

Well, at least you remember the show despite it being forgettable, so props to you.

Comment by Guara

Is the Rozen Zulu for a newtype or is it for Full Frontal?

Comment by ZR0

“Once again, the announcement of the Unicorn has prove the fact that FAGS DON’T…”

Quiet, trollgook. The grown-ups are talking.

Comment by codename:v is a piss poor troll

I just read a quick summary from the site. My limited japanese ability may be failing me here, but is Liddy now the pilot of the Banshee for some reason? Am I misreading this?

Comment by Minovsky1

Yes liddy is the pilot of the Banshee, also the former pilot is also dead. i won’t say their name do to obvious spoilers.

Comment by Anonymous

Hmm being honest, if there is a fact that Unicorn proved is your incapacity to realize that 90% of the non Asian fandom of Gundam aren’t necessarily quite adept of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc. Which is why they can’t really read the novels, as much enjoy the desings and know the basic story through the little engish information we have.

It would be nice that you used common sense for once and stopped being such a zealous and elitist fantard that lacks of any good knowledge, honestity, consistency, credibility and validity.

So yeah, Rozen Zulu doesn’t help much to your “lol gay in gandamu is bad you faggots!” and it feels like they started appliying some AU base ideas on UC units with the “G Gundam” esque modes for Unicorn and now the “flowery” unique unit made for someone elegant that likes flowers and have an aristocratic style.

Comment by Anonymous

We all know who the former pilot of the Banshee is. But goddamn, she died? I gotta catch up…

Comment by Minovsky1

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