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(.) (.) New screens for SRW Oppai Saga (USA)
April 17, 2009, 11:02 pm
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Destructoid – Handful of new screens for Super Robot Taisen OG Saga


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Comment by Ed

Endless Tits…

Comment by Milkman Dan

Finally, i can understand what the hell is all the “BOUNCES” about…..LOL….

Comment by ottoto


Comment by gun

Tits all the way i feel so Hot right now.

Comment by Kantooters

(JackMaverick: I do enjoy RPGs and I happen to be very interested in how the battle system will work. But seeing these screens makes me wonder if I’m going to enjoy this game for all the wrong reasons. All of the terribly wrong reasons.)

Hellya, SRW fags are enjoying this faggotry for all the wrong shallow reasons. Playboy pinups are much more fun than this childplay.

Comment by codename:v

(How does ‘SRW fags’ work as an insult? Especially on this site, of all places >__>)

Am I the only person more interested in the game and the simple fact that it is being localized than in the tits?

Comment by Hiro

i found this:

is it fansub or a leak?

Comment by leonx

Translation for the game was halted when the translator learned it was being localized. So, most likely, it’s the Japanese verison, or the incomplete english patched verison.

Comment by Nameless

Is it just me or am I the only one more interested in the furry man and his killer abs.

Comment by Anonymous

Don’t be. He’s a very low-key support character that, lest I be mistaken, never joins the actual fighting.

Comment by Tabion

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