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SD Gundam G Generation Wars site update
April 17, 2009, 6:42 pm
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SD Gundam G Generation Wars official site grand opening.



Gundam Exia
GN Arms Type-D
Gundam Nadleeh
Gundam Kyrios
Gundam Throne Eins
Gundam Throne Zwei
Gundam Throne Drei
Verde Buster
Freedom Gundam
Destiny Gundam
Impulse Gundam
Strike Freedom Gundam
Justice Gundam
Strike Gundam
Turn X
Turn A
X Gundam
Grand Master Gundam
God Gundam
Master Gundam
Gundam Virsago
Wing Gundam
V2 Gundam


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“…And More!!”

At the Products(series included) page.
So theres chance of Unicorn MS as secret units?
Or even with story scenarios?

Comment by iron2000

Gundam Virsago is actually Gundam Epyon just to comment ;D, even so, great work you guys from srwwordpress as always ^^, keep with the good work.

Comment by Junior

But too bad that the unit only 600+ as show in the website

Comment by Anonymous

ONLY 50 stages?!

Comment by Anonymous

How many stages did spirits have?

Comment by Anonymous

About an average of four per series. Some had 5 and some had less. But 0083 also had two different sets of stages. More than fifty though, I’d wager.

Comment by Amon

ONLY 50…….

Comment by Anonymous

Gen Spirits >> Gen Wars…

Comment by Anonymous

G Gen Portable >> G Gen Wars

Comment by Anonymous

Really wish that this series, and SRWs, would evolve into something more. As is both – if you could call them different games – is about the player watching special attack animations.

Comment by Bob

In a couple of months we will see how good wars is.

Comment by Anonymous

I do agree with you bob. But I guess they are using the “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Just wonder what this two series would bring in the future.

Comment by Anonymous

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