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Newtype Magazine (June)
April 18, 2009, 7:33 pm
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Newtype Magazine June 2009 will be release on May 9th. 

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn!

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ! ! !


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An OVA? Or as a series?

Comment by beamknight87


Comment by Anonymous

It’s just a poster.

There’s also a poster of The Prince of Tennis OVA: Another Story, which is why you’re seeing that.

Comment by Anonymous

Its already been confirmed earlier on this site that the Gundam Unicorn animation is a movie. I cant imagine this talking about anything else

Comment by TheFreshMaker

And has Sunrise, Sotsu or Bandai made any official announcements that they are doing a Unicorn production? No, they haven’t. So until they do, there is no confirmation.

Comment by Anonymous

Not long while ago, HGUC Messala is confirmed a fake and turned out to be someone else’s school project. Hey, maybe the Unicorn movie is fake too.

Comment by codename:v

Fake != Mis-reported or mis-translated.

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t know but there was in another websites saying there would be a Gundam UC(Unicorn) movie.

Comment by zerojad

Because the news was gotten of that Italian site or it’s citing this site as the source. Until one of the companies that are involved in the Gundam franchise make an official press release, there is no Unicorn movie, as far as I am concerned.

Comment by Anonymous

Its Obvious from the begining !
Why sould it take them all this time to make a gundam movie ?
what is it magic ?

Comment by The Spoiler

Wow, I love all the people denying this. It’ll be all the more amusing once we see the footage, and see people STILL denying it.

Comment by DarkCode

Next thing we know, the moon landing was all a hoax and the Vietnam War never happened. >_>;;;

Comment by Nameless

Stop fighting and just don’t expect anything ok. that is all. tana ka yula hat

Comment by Kantooters

‘Wow, I love all the people denying this. It’ll be all the more amusing once we see the footage, and see people STILL denying it.’

Then show some official proof.

Comment by Anonymous

[…] Is the next Gundam anime going to be the rumored Universal Century (continuity of the first series) Gundam Unicorn? An announced may be in the next issue of NewType […]

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Boy Notate questo..

Unicorn Movie in winter

Comment by Debris

[…] mese di aprile,occorre dirlo,SRW hotnews aveva affermato che ci sarebbe venuto un’importante annuncio dalle pagine del nuovo numero di Newtype,è stato […]

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