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Dengeki Hobby June 2009
April 20, 2009, 9:29 pm
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Dengeki Hobby Web has previews Dengeki Hobby magazine June 2009.


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Seriously, maybe you should consider making torrents out of Dengekihobby just for once

Comment by codename:v

codename:v? not trolling? I think hell froze over.

Comment by AirMaster

Gundam 00 kits just doesn’t strike me as the “Go and get it right now!” kits to have. Especially Mr. Bushido’s MSs…

Comment by Gundam Guy

Dengeki Hobby May

Comment by superrobotwar

No offense superrobotwar, but if you were going to do that, why not just put it all up on Rapid share or something?

Comment by Bob

OMG.. SWR what are you thinking right now?
BTW thanks for the scans.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Hope the HG kits of Susanoo will resemble that one, the Robot Damashi Version kinda looked weird

Comment by Rekkou

Cool! Thanks for the scans SRW! Very Cool!

Comment by Anonymous

Airmaster, you’re not seeing the bigger picture. He wants torrents so he can troll about how much the magazines sucks and how much torrents are immoral.

Comment by Ekove

Ekove: I’m only making a mere suggestion for Supes here since I notice he always posted Dengeki issues here wihout making sharefiles like HobbyJapan+ModelGraphix. Besides, I’m not a big fan for Dengeki issues but there are others here who has been asking for Dengeki scans, so why not? No matter what faggots said, torrents and other file-sharing stuffs are immoral because it’s online PIRACY in its true form. Very soon your favourite mags like HobbyJapan may have to cease publication due to rabid online piracy, which you only got yourself to blame for. Tell me, have you ever purchase any Hobby Japan issues after some “free browsing” from Supes here?

Comment by codename:v

And if your answer is a NO, then that only makes you a phony since you only take things for granted without giving something back. PATHETIC

Also, you can’t even see the good things like the scans Supes has offers right in front of you because you are narrow-minded.

Comment by codename:v

[…] Dengeki Hobby June 2009 […] […]

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archive of the pics please 🙂

Comment by fighbird

CV: if i were evoke. i would said no. because i can read for free at my local hobby shop even. Just only delayed for weeks with srwhotnews. If you ask “what the hell he doing that, will it make his magz that he already stock can’t be sold” 1st the owners never stock the magz if you not order it, and most of the buyers is outside city which the hobby store is rare. 2nd to attract people to preorder new upcoming figure and plamo.

Comment by Anonymous

[…] sulla pagina di SRW hotnews che abbiamo citato,guardate i commenti di Kain,sia su questo link di SRW hotnews…e sia nelle segnalazioni sulla pagina Mirabilia dal Web… del forum di Gundam […]

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