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Gundam Unicorn animated coming in this winter 2009!
April 21, 2009, 11:29 pm
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so it confirmed at least.
I can’t wait till winter

Comment by nano nano

Fags sure got told.

Comment by Godhand

what about that 2010 movie or whatever? is this a TV series?

Comment by kaminakun

I can’t wait 🙂

Comment by Daizengar

Unicorn? Horse?? Gundam = ANIMAL??? LOL!!!

Comment by Shin Mazinger

looks too much like the the 00 faggot

Comment by hobo

Hope ppl won’t keep saying this is fake again *sigh*

Comment by Anonymous

Hope ppl won’t keep saying this is fake again *sigh*

Comment by Vermillion

In before butthurt gundam00fags, oh wait….too late!

Comment by Anonymous

“looks too much like the the 00 faggot”
*Character designs by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko*

Fuck you with a brick

Comment by Minovsky1

Nu Gundam >>>>> Unicorn/Horse Gundam LOL

But that boy is so cute~

Comment by Shin Mazinger

Judging by the book ribbon, it’s too good to be true. Let’s hope it won’t be delayed.

Somehow, this movie might turned out shallow and probably another trainwreck should the producers and directors come up with bad scripting and camera angles. Compressing 10 chapters into 90 min movie would only reduced epic storytelling to shallow kiddy fares, I won’t spend 40 bucks for a childish shallow adaptation and that’s why I think Harry Potter movies stink. Really, this movie has only proves that FAGS DON’T READ

I doubt you’re into mechas at all ‘coz you are so GAY.

Comment by codename:v

Why does he remind me of Setsuna?

Comment by Anonymous

or is it Shinn? e looks like someone from a previous serie

Comment by Anonymous

codename:v :
WTF?? YOU ARE A GAY?? Hiiiyyyy….. >___________________<

Comment by Shin Mazinger

*Breast Fire at codename:v, duaaarrrr!!*

Comment by Shin Mazinger

Yeah, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to like mecha and be gay. Holy fuck you are stupid.

Also, your argument of “fags don’t read” is fucking retarded. Overlooking the obvious fact that sexual orientation does not affect one’s reading ability. Reading is an intellectual pursuit, and you use the phrase to belittle “fags.” And considering none of your arguments actually contain intelligence but straight up stupid insults and consider any valid arguments as “excuses.” You really should re-evaluate the way you present yourself. It only makes you look like an idiot who learned to read and write from 4chan’s /b/. Which is the epitome of retardation.

Good day, sir.

Comment by DarkCode

Anyways, I’m glad we are getting a confirmation that seems a bit more official.

Comment by DarkCode

Overlooking the obvious fact that sexual orientation does not affect one’s reading ability.
Of course it is! Who are you kidding? Just look at CV >.>

Comment by lxs

CV: Unicorn has only 8 chapters. The first chapter was split into books 1 and 2, while the eighth apparently will be split into books 9 and 10.

Comment by pinaworks

Here’s to passing judgement on a production that hasn’t even seen a trailer yet! HOO MUTHAFUCKIN RAY!

I mean, shit, V. I know you suck at trollan, but you could at least wait until a piece of footage sees the light of day before you run your whore mouth, damn…

Comment by Minovsky1

All I can say is…

Where do movies cost 40 bucks to watch in the theaters?

Comment by Anonymous

meh, good news.

Comment by The Red Comet

With Unicorn being animated then bandai must release their HGUC no matter what,can’t wait for Delta plus HGUC and i gues the only trick that they can pull now is releasing HGUC Unicorn with gatling gun after standard Unicorn or some glossy touch for its psycho frame

Comment by Rekkou

I’ve never understood to use of the word fag, like people have to constantly justify their own sexuality by making fun of another.

But that’s not the point of this posting, there’s a Unicorn movie coming and we should be excited. This is something new, something different, and something that make us UC fans not seem like old farts because we like the oldest Gundam universe out there.

Anyway, I’m looking forward too it. I’ve never really gotten a chance to get to know Unicorn Gundam, but the mech design is amazing and I would like to see the story flushed out in movie form.

Comment by Bolinoak

Can’t wait for this movie, especially after the piece of shit that was gundam 00.

Comment by Anonymous

Is Gundam OO really that bad? ^^”

Can’t wait to see this hehe ^^ Gundam Unicorn anime yay.

Comment by kadej

No it wasnt, it was a pretty decent series. It was no Zeta but I liked it. The reason some people say it was bad was from the fact that they had their expectations set to high after the disaster that is called Destiny. Hoping the anime version of the Unicorn chapter turns out good. The main character reminds me of Kamille Bidan.

Comment by Anonymous

The chara looks more like Amuro’s and Camille’s love child… following the old school design of the original gundam series, using current design technologies… No idea how people can compare to 00 or seed…

Comment by gabgrave

real fags are the people who focus on the design of the (male) characters and not the mecha. There is a reason why its called GUNDAM and not HUMAN.

Comment by darkvenom

So basically the majority of the Gundam 00 fanbase are faggots.

Makes sense.

Comment by God Hand

Shin mazinger doesn,t know any Gundam… :))

Comment by Kantooters

Gundam 00 is an exciting series I don’t know why people criticize it. and a great improvement in the genre. The fact that they dont appreciate any Gundam Series is that they are looking for a new series. Maybe BARBIE THE ANIMATED. so stop criticizing because fag peoples like those have nothing else to do just to jerk themselves.

Comment by Anonymous


lol Mobile Suit Human.XD

Comment by Mendagu

LOL at all the 00 haters who thought the 00 fanbase are disappointed by the announcement of the UC animated feature. If anything, the fanbase who enjoyed 00 are more open-minded to new Gundam series, be it UC/AU, than the UC-elitist morons who do nothing but hate on others because they’re just too stupid to comprehend the fact that someone else like something that they don’t.

Comment by Guara

@God Hand

Especially the ones who watched all or most of the 50 eps even though they don’t like the ‘fag’ characters and kept complaining about it.

Its okay to complain about the storyline. Remember the Seed-Destiny Kira-Returns screwup? That didn’t stop me from hating the mecha fights.

Comment by darkvenom

Tana ka yola hat

Comment by Anonymous

The F91 movie was ruined because they compressed too much storyline into one movie (although I loved some aspects of it). Hope this isn’t the case and they learnt the lesson

Comment by Sebas

@ kadej “Is Gundam OO really that bad?”

Well it depends on how mature you are!

Kids and Geeks (FAGS) say it’s great simply because they don’t care about the story and events, they are more interested in looking at the mecha and character drawings.

But mature people (FANS) concentrate on the story and events.

Now I can tell you that Gundam 00 had cool mecha designs but sadly its events was rushed and so pathetically done.

Comment by The Spoiler

Finally they got to there senses.
Let’s just hope they don’t screw things up this time.

Comment by The Spoiler

^Yeah right, Zeta and ZZ has the most screwed story ever. Most people think Zeta is cool just because “OMG!! SO many died!! COOLLL”

BUt I love all Gundam timeline. Of course some has its own flaw, but it’s not a reason to hate AU/UC

Comment by amuro0093

About Gundam 00?

“Overall, 00 was a strong series that took some chances with its characters, plot and mecha design. It paid off. There were some bumps along the way – characters like Allelujah and Graham got the short end of the stick in season 2. Some plot points remain unresolved, but they will presumably be addressed in the movie. Although the show has just ended, I think it will leave a mark on the Gundam franchise for some time to come. The next Gundam series will certainly have a higher standard to live up to than this series did with DESTINY as its predecessor.”

from MAHQ

Comment by Anonymous

[…] SRW hotnews ha confermato la notizia diffusa da Ngee Khiong ieri aggiungendo immagini in buona parte viste,provenienti da […]

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amuro0093 I would agree with you about ZZ Gundam, It was childish and had a poor story, but the ZZ Gundam mobile suit itself is impressive.

Zeta Gundam is different; I consider it to be one of the best Gundam series ever made.

Comment by The Spoiler

Gundam oo season1 was ok
but season 2 was the k.o to the series.

Comment by The Spoiler

oh wow did someone actually post a link to those shitty OPINIONATED reviews on mfaghq?

Gee 00fags sure are grasping for straws.

Comment by Anonymous

LOL, Gundam 00 2nd season was the k.o to the series?

From Random Curiosity Animeblogger :

“Final Thoughts:
Gundam 00’s second season had tons of action and was AN EXITING RIDE FROM START TO FINISH. In that regard, I liked it MORE THAN the first season which I thought was plagued with a slow start. However, the story definitely wasn’t as strong as it could have been. The Saji and Louise conflict was built up nicely, but the way it was concluded with Setsuna magically making things okay was a bit of a letdown. I also think they really should have done something more significant with Marina’s character aside from just making her the person who sort of understands Setsuna’s character. Even her song with the children that I thought might be significant didn’t end up having much impact at all. And so ultimately, I’d say that this was a pretty good series with some interesting characters and a few flaws, but it was definitely still worth the time spent watching. Like what I said at the end of Geass R2, this was far from perfect, however it was still A VERY ENTERTAINING SERIES.”

Comment by Anonymous

“oh wow did someone actually post a link to those shitty OPINIONATED reviews on mfaghq?

Gee 00fags sure are grasping for straws.”

^same with you, the spoiler, also other hater like CV

Comment by camille

I pity the people that cant enjoy the greatness of 00, cheers for people that like 00 and enjoy to watch it

Comment by codename:v

I pity the people that cant enjoy the greatness of 00, cheers for people that like 00 and enjoy to watch it 🙂

Comment by codename:v

Another review about Gundam 00 :

“This is the first Gundam series that I had been watching weekly, anxiously waiting for news, surfing multiple boards and buying a lot of kits from the series. I was really impressed with Season 1, so I was really excited for Season 2. I’m really pleased to say that Season 2 exceeded my expectations, and made me a very big fan of this series.

Picking up where the first season left off, Season 2 tells the story of Celestial Being reemerging and fighting against the very distortions that they helped creating. The 4 Gundam Meisters reunion with new dynamic, and new mecha. Storyline was not the series’s strongest point, but it kept me entertained enough, and the series mysteries were slowly solved one by one. And that it lead to one epic final battle and conclusion!

The mecha fights are the highlight of the series. With GN Drive MS, the battlefield are more even and more exciting to watch. I really love the new Gundam designs too. There are few classic fights there, the battle against Memento Mori, 00 Raiser VS Susanowo and the epic final episode battle. The only thing I’m disappointed that Arios didn’t get much to shine throughout the series, compared to Cherudim and Seravee…

About the characters. They have changed, and still feel familiar. Setsuna grew into a leader, and then humanity’s hope. Allelujah…well….I guess the world ‘Marie’ will be sufficient to describe him. The changes I love the most is Tieria. He has changed from the stern authority person into the brother figure of the group. He has one interesting dynamic with Setsuna too. The new Lockon Stratos. I like that he’s different enough from his brother, but some plot line about him seemed unnecessary, such as him being a spy.

The other characters feel the same. Interesting to see Soma became more human and then Marie personality emerged. Sergei…man, how I teared up when he’s dead. Mr.Bushido kinda became the LOLS of the series. Wish his treatment was better. Ribbons though, that’s one effective villain. Even with his god complex, he’s still cool and calculating, not to mention with great piloting skills and a bad ass Gundam.

Saji and Louise changed their role into those affected by wars. Louise joined A-LAWS and kinda went crazy. While Saji got himself involved with Celestial Being and manned up in order to get his girl back. Love their story in S2.

The part I love about Gundam 00 S2

– Mature Setsuna
– Brother figure Tieria
– Saji and Louise plot
– Great MS design
– Epic fightings
– Good OST
– Great final fight

Not one series is perfect, I have some complains as well

– Lyle being a twin. What’s the point? The “I don’t want to be compared with my brother” plot kinda there for one episode or two and then nothing. They could have just made him into a younger brother with different look instead of the same look.

– Allelujah. Seriously. When we all first saw his image in S2, we were like ‘OMG, Allelujah with both eyes!!! He’s gonna be one badass PILOT!!!”. And then, the Marie stuffs happened…

– Marina…she’s well, she’s just there. And I hate those kids

– This series could have developed more on Lyle X Renew before she’s die. And probably they should just insert more Setsuna X Feldt too. (So I like that pairing, so what? ^^)

Overall, this is one great and entertaining series, and most probably my most favorite Gundam series yet. Now anticipating the movie.


Thank You Mizushima and staffs for bringing us this wonderful series!”

Comment by Anonymous

BTW, lets back to the topic :
“Gundam Unicorn animated coming in this winter 2009!”

Comment by Anonymous

Oh god I’m laughing at the faggot posting the links to irrelevant blog sites.

Gundam 00 is shit. posting links to moefag blogs isn’t really helping you. just making you look more like a desperate faggot.

Comment by God Hand

^ Who a desperate faggot? You? OMG..

Comment by Anonymous

You know what is the main different between UC fanatics and 00 fags? you’re old while we’re young, so please enjoy you’re last gundam anime as sooner or later you’ll say goodbye to gundam while we still have a long way to go

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah, Gundam 00 is so awesome!

Comment by Anonymous

Disregard my lost comments, i suck nigger cock and i think gundam 00 is sugoi because it carters to my homosexual desires.

Comment by Anonymous

^ LOL :p

Comment by Anonymous

“Moonlight Butterfly to all Gundam series hater”

Comment by Anonymous

Now at this point, I would have to agree with the spoiler. 00 Season2 did poorly in plot establishment compared to the first. There were quite alot of filler episodes in the first half where all you see was CB getting chased, retreat with little to no addition to the main plot. I mean, Saji never did know who killed her sister, and Nena’s role was ended rather abruptly.

That said, at least the spoiler makes much more sense in his criticism than CV’s or GH’s random insults.

Comment by Guara

Well, it doesn’t mean S2 = KO the series like the spoiler said.
MANY people still like S2 even better than S1. Don’t insult it like that.

But I agree with you about CV’s-GH’s bullshit blablablabla.

Comment by Anonymous

Well even so I wasn’t satisfied with the events of season 2 especially last 4 episodes, it could have been better.
Anonymous I can understand why you like it allot, back in the 80’s when I was a kid I used to love Transformers G1 and spend a great deal of time playing with the action figures.
But now I can’t bear to watch a single ep of it because it’s too childish, but normally I wouldn’t agree to this opinion if I was 20 years younger.

Comment by The Spoiler

I prefer to focus on the story and events more than the mecha designs.
Well except for turn A zbab that’s a different story, I never acknowledged it as a gundam series and i never will because I didn’t like it and I never will.

Comment by The Spoiler

Hey idiot 00-haters in case you didn’t notice, this was a Unicorn thread in which YOU brought up 00. Boy, are you guys obsessed. So shut the fuck up and discuss some Unicorn!

Comment by DarkCode

i liked the s2 of the gundam 00. i hope that the gundam unicorn movie will not tell the whole story but it will be a trilogy or something like that. 🙂
even if bandai doesnt do things like that.
but a movie is just too short to tell the whole unicorn story

Comment by fidi_kolovo

Ohh Please!! DarkCode
just in case you didnt notice unicorn isint out yet so theres not much we can discuss accept we hope they dont F**K Up like they did in Gundam oo season 2 got it.
And just by tounting shows how frustrated you are.

Comment by Anonymous

Ohh Please!! DarkCode
just in case you didnt notice unicorn isint out yet so theres not much we can discuss accept we hope they dont F**K Up like they did in Gundam oo season 2 got it.
And just by tounting shows how frustrated you are.

Comment by The Spoiler

sorry The Spoiler, i disagree with your comment about “they dont F**K Up like they did in Gundam oo season 2 got it.”
for me (and a lot of people), Gundam 00 S2 still very good like the first season.

so i hope unicorn movie (or ova?) as nice as Gundam 00 series and the other Gundam series 🙂

Comment by Anonymous

and i agree 100% with codename:v’s comment about:

“I pity the people that cant enjoy the greatness of 00, cheers for people that like 00 and enjoy to watch it”

and of course not only enjoy 00 series but ALL of Gundam series! 🙂

Comment by Anonymous


Yeah, man, I am SOOOOOO frustrated. Whatever.

Anyways, there is plenty to discuss about it. Like who is on the staff, if they will do a single movie or trilogy, or hell, what will be changed from the original story. So don’t give me that “nothing to talk about” shit.

Besides, it’s not like your opinion is worth a damn, Mr.Racist.

Comment by DarkCode

to all fags in this topics, specially cv and friends, if you need some okama ways to turn you all to fag, watch Shangrilla. Good story with “$^&*” character.
Like The Spoiler said: “I prefer to focus on the story and events more than the mecha designs.”

Comment by 4n0n1n0us

Gundam oo season 1 was ok
but season 2 was the k.o to the series.

Comment by The Spoiler

Well it’s great to see that the 30th Anniversary Project was worth the wait. And seriously please stop this 00 trolling

Comment by chocbar

Tomino here.

Gundam 00 is shit.

I agree. don’t bother me about it.

Comment by Tomino

Go Nagai here, Gundam is shit, real robot sux and gay.

Comment by Go Nagai

I’m watching bleach now
and it’s allot better than any gundam series I ever watched or saw
I don’t really care about this un-comming lie

Comment by orwah

Watching Bleach? It same suck as naruto and one piece, too much filler and unnecessary scene. Better you read the manga. And by reading manga at least V won’t call you “fag don’t read”

Comment by Anonymous

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