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April 23, 2009, 9:45 am
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Evangelion: 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance (From Dengeki Hobby Mag)


Revoltech Neo EVA Unit 1, Unit 2




Revoltech Neo EVA Unit 5


SDX Satan Gundam



TRV-06k-H Viper II (Ver.1P) 1/100

RVR-75 Raiden II (RNA SIDE) 1/100 – August, 8,190 yen

RVR-87 Specineff (DNA SIDE) 1/100 – June, 6,090 yen



G.F.F.  Metal Composite 0 Gundam


[Armored Core] Rosenthal CR-HOGIRE Noblesse Oblige 1/72 – August, 5,460 yen

[Armored Core] Vanguard Overed Boost 1/72 – August, 2,940 yen


SD Gundam BB Senshi Sangokuden


HG Arche Gundam – May, 1,680 yen

HG Exia Repair II– June, 1,260 yen

HG O Gundam – June, 1,260 yen

HG Susanowo  – June, 1,260 yen

HG Rebons Gundam



 MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 (MS IgLoo 2 Ver.) – 3,675 yen

MG Dom (MS IgLoo 2 Ver.) – 3,150 yen

MG Gouf Custom (MS IgLoo 2 Ver.) – 4,200 yen



HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam – June, 2,310 yen

HGUC Strum Dias – May, 1,785 yen

Gundam Astray Gold Frame 1/100 – May, 4,200 yen

MG G Armor Real Type color – June, 10,290 yen


00 Raiser Designers Color Ver. 1/100 – May, 5,250 yen


Mobile Suit Gundam 00V 

GNW-20000/J  Jagd Arche Gundam


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These Gundam 00 variations are incredibly ugly and lazily designed. i am sure a brain dead child can design something more appealing and original than this disaster.

Comment by Tomino

Oh WOW, that is TOTALLY Tomino, guys! /sarcasm

Comment by DarkCode

Fuck You Tomino! As if Turn A, Brain Powerd and King Gainer have a great design!!

Comment by Go Nagai

the thing I don’t like about gundam lately is that the designs have no logic behind it, as cool as they may be.
From the weapon stand point, it is way too costly to just create a custom suit and leave it at that (and mind you they have 4 suits being developed at the same time, which are keep getting upgrades, with such a small background resource).
For example RX-78 types are prototype field testers of what later will be planned to mass product unit (GM), Zeta we have the Re-GZ… etc

Comment by realgundam

ENOUGH FUCKING RECOLOUR MGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Ed

Real gundam:
I think if you consider Gundam from S2 being a custom suit that specially designed for their respective pilot (except for Lyle who apparently is much better at Short range battle than sniping), their weapon design is very logical, each weapon set suited their respective role while capable to adapt every range of battle very well.

Exia R2 apparently is not just Exia with a bit change, the joint on the thigh is the same as 00

Comment by Rekkou

Possibly, but that “custom” suits that pilots use in newer gundam shows have always been intended to be in talented pilots for their use. Kamille got the Zeta basically just for him, mass production was an after thought due to it’s success as a design. Not only that, but the Re-GZ wasn’t really feasible as a mass produced model.

I’d say the Gundam suits within the 00 series make sense due to the technological gap between CB and everyone else, which gave them enough an advantage to make it feasible.

Though, of course, alternate universes toy with reality a bit more, but I find that to be fun a lot of the time.

Too much reality is a drag though, it requires throwing away any concept of a neat looking mech usually, hahaha.

That being said, I am glad that we are getting another UC show. I do miss that more down to down earth setting and design.

Comment by DarkCode

Ohh Please!!
What is this?
The mecha in the first pic is gay to the bone!!
And what are those things in the second picture?
i agree with realgundam about the designs.

Comment by The Spoiler

I want that 00 Raiser. It’s definitely my next target.

And that Hi Nu Gundam is nice too.

Comment by Gato

i want 00 raiser cos nof gn sword 3 i would chuck away 00 raiser away afterwards

exia reborn looks stupid now
it just an exia with 00 thighs and no sword system
unless they add the 7 sword system into the model if not… you’ve fuvcked yourself buying it because only of that gun/sword

arche gundam wooo its not pink like the dumb last pics of it

Comment by Ereos

00 Gundams are quite logical in a sense they fit the meisters’ character descriptions. Then again, being able to teleport at near light speed, having floating coffins for protection, an Out-of-body ability to possess other bodies and attaining eternal life by exposing to GN particles has render the entire 00 franchise nonsensical. What more, Gundam hasn’t been logical since Zeta era like StarWars can’t do without the “Force”.

However, it’s not entertaining and fun without illogical senses because people idolize anything that perform miracles. That’s why you get JesusYamato, SolidSetsuna and many GAR characters that made you cry manly tears and squeal like girls. Hell, men who wear underwears outside are still full of charms.

Comment by codename:v

That’s why I love Heero, Kira, Setsuna, and all bishounen

Comment by codename:v

>>Ereos: you’ll not bother to buy Exia R2 if you in my position. I’ve change old Exia with Astraea parts. So maybe i’ll get this one just to change original old Exia, 7 sword+new GN Sword

Comment by Epsilon_013

V, Gundam hasn’t been ilogical from first time. Besides genre sci-fi, if you all look at pilot background Amuro-Kamille-Judou aren’t a soldier who just got luck 1st in battle. Then they become ace after that. Main character like Shiro-Kou and all Zeon character is real soldier because they had given combat trainning. From outside UC, Heero is same. Because he had trained to clear the mission objective whatever it takes.

Comment by Fighters

Ohh Please!!
What is this?
Rosenthal CR-HOGIRE Noblesse Oblige is gay to the bone!!
And what are those things called SD BB Senshi Sangokuden?

Comment by The Spoiler

It’s gunpla kits, what ya expect Spoiler ?

Exia r2. Dang, how I don’t like the back skirt, still prefer the old design. Since Hi-Nu is in HGUC line now, would it, by any chance Nightingale would join in as well ?

Comment by sbhboi

@The Spoiler: it’s funny to repeat the same thing for the same image(s)?

Comment by Anonymous

Exia model kits are cash cow for Bandai. Remove a few beam sabers and some springy body parts, you get Exia REII.

Comment by fuckyou

Well, so were the Zakus and GMs. It’s OLD news.

Comment by Guara

Satan Gundam looks like something from Dragon Quest >

Comment by lxs

Anyone notice that Exia R2 is in prototype color? if they’re re-using the same mold, than some of its parts must already colored, which means its a new mold

Comment by Rekkou

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well, the jagd arche looks cool, but i still prefer the basic form. nice touch on the two buster swords though.

since i still dount have an exia kit, i still have time to decide whether to get this one or the other two versions.

Comment by flamerounin

MUSTN’T BUY… EVA..REVOLTECH. The new ones do look cool esp EVA 02 with its flight pack, crossbow rifle, and I think a storable prog knife.

Comment by F97 X-1

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well what I mean is that in a military stand point, creating a new model just for the sik of giving it to a pilot is not logical. Zeta for example is a pilot project for NT-enhance use suit. the point is that if the prototype passes the test then they will design a mass produce model for it, which is Re-Gaz. the only problem is that they found it still being too expensive for mass production but that is another story all together. The point is that there were not a sol purpose of custom suits.
There are custom suits of existing models which are proven to be reliable, which makes much more sense.

While making a new custom suit can still make some sense IF the military is super rich and resourceful, making 5 at a time like in seed (of which, they all works perfectly without extensive field test? what technology they have) or make 4 in 00 which are keep being upgraded seems far fetch.

I know, just enjoy the shows right? but having being a Gundam fan since 0079, Gundam was always a show which stands out from the rest for its “possibleism” and logic behind the tech and story

Comment by realgundam

But CB isn’t a whole military force like the Coordinators, Naturals or AEU. If you have a limited/fixed number of pilots and only so many true solar furnaces/GN drives, you are really limited on the number of suits you can produce. There wouldn’t be much point making a suit for the purpose of mass production unless you expect to have more pilots and GN drives.

Zeta has been an ongoing conundrum. Methuss was created to test the transforming capability of MS to MA, then came Zeta. Zeta plus was more of mass production version of Zeta, but still made in limited quantities. Zeta II mimicked the simplied version of Methuss, Then they tried to remove the tms aspect to save costs in ReGZ, but took attempted again with ReZEL.

Even when they tried to mass produce the Zeta, they only created between one and a handful, but never a massive force like the GM or Zaku. The Zeta offsprings were assigned to special forces, often to ace pilots. But again, this was for a large military force, which takes on a different militaristic strategy than a small, rebel-like force.

Comment by BlueAleseides

I never wanted to get the first HOGIRE due to its bland weaponry selection but this one’s better.

And I would pay for that White Glint booster.

Comment by glemtvapen

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the fact they “mass produce” zeta is too expensive to made in lots and its unit assign to special force doesn’t change the fact that the new unit, in this case zeta, were design to be as a prototype in mind to test out new ideas. I didn’t say it has to be mass production test, but it is a logical attempt to do so in order in enhance the military force as a whole.
My point is that it never were just to made a special unit for a pilot. So it is “okey” at best in wing and 00, seed’s 5 units doesn’t make sense at all.
a totally new frame means there are many elements of unknown, making it MUCH more expensive and time consumming to get it right. One might be fine but 5 at a time is ridiculous.
If you think about it, most suits in UC are based on something else they have done before, and adding new ideas to test out the possibility. This includes transformable frame(Methuss)> NT reactive frame(Zeta)> high power output (ZZ), etc.
Top preforming suits will have an attempt to be mass product to improve the military force as a whole, as we seen in so many case in UC series

Comment by realgundam

If I remember correctly, Kamille had designed parts of the Zeta, even Astronage says the suit was design almost exclusively for him. Of course things are still tested with 00, they have an entire side story for prototypes with 00F and 00V for further prototypes and other unused or used models.

Also, when you are dealing with a paramilitary force, numbers isn’t exactly something they are aiming for.

Comment by DarkCode

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