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New kit reviews: HGUC Nu Gundam HWS
April 24, 2009, 10:51 pm
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not so
the first one were better
but I love the torsoo thing
and why it’s not full detailed

Comment by orwah

One of my favorites model kits.

Comment by The spoiler

I’m still miffed about the design of the HWS. Protect the whole body, just not the cockpit hatch where the pilot can be incinerated. Still, the kit looks great.

Comment by Nabes

I feel sorry for you The Spoiler
what a sad person.

Comment by orwah

Quite a bulky guy. I love this kit, but I want to see kit of Nu with twin-funnel system.

Comment by Rune

Nu HWS with twin-funnel.

Comment by superrobotwar

Too bulky for my taste, but how he holds that cannon like a regular gun is really badass.

Comment by Anonymous

Really ugly. Looks like it has huge boobs.

Comment by Kosmos

^ that’s why I like it, I love its boobs!!

Comment by The spoiler

The spoiler: you’re fag, liking boobs from mech. Are you somekind of mecha fetist?

Comment by codename:v


Comment by The spoiler

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