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New pics of HG Exia R2 and 0 Gundam
April 28, 2009, 4:36 am
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0 gundam looks better than i expected and still gonna buy R2 as i planned to modify it

Comment by Rekkou

oh wow. its out so quickly! they must have just reused the frames?

Comment by Anonymous

Sorry to interrupt. Maybe you guys have known this, but news on SD Gundam G Generation Wars:

– pics only on units (in battle) only
That’s all

Comment by judo0054

whats the difference between exia and r2

Comment by shichousei

0 Gundam is already a dumb design since day 1 from Setsuna’s child soldier days. I would rather get myself a MG RX-78-2 ver 2.0 than this Mizushima rehash faggotry.

Comment by codename:v

If you have the original HG Exia, R2 is only worth buying if you want to mod it. I’m just gonna give it a better colour scheme.

Comment by F97 X-1

R2 would also make a good set with the O Gundam. Like a final battle kind of thing.

Though, I see enough difference in R2 for it to matter to me.

And CV is back to obsessing over his hatred of OO and inappropriately using the word “faggotry” which isn’t even a word. Welcome back, dingus.

Comment by DarkCode

*read: SLANG

Comment by DarkCode

I’m sorry, forgive me T____T

Comment by codename:v

I am FAG.

Comment by codename:v

nyaaaaaaaa ^.^

Comment by DarkCode

Nice, I got a clone.

Hi, clone!

Comment by DarkCode

for once, c:v, i agree.
why make something that ALREADY resembles Rx-78?
this is a mockery! especially when r2 fought 0 gundam…

Comment by aPerson

BOOBS >> ALL mecha

Comment by The spoiler

Then go visit a porn site, not a mecha-related site, yeah?

Comment by Guara

go play your boob game! (aka SRW:OG SAGA)

Comment by aPerson

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Comment by How I Lost Thirty Pounds in Thirty Days

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Comment by bandsxbands

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