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SD Gundam G Generation Wars site update
April 29, 2009, 5:01 am
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SD Gundam G Generation Wars official site has been updated some new

screens in Unit page.

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Wow, its looks really nice =)
the more I look like at it , the more I want it!!!!!!

Comment by Deathscythe G

nyaaaaaaaa ^.^

Comment by DarkCode

If the AI is more sophisticated I might get this, but AI movements/strategy are too predictable..and is the same from one SD game to the next.

Although I will get it just to have it in my collection, but probably won’t be playing it too much.

Comment by Gundam Guy

Shut up freak!…what´s the idea about thinking too much about AI or things like that?…the true joy goes about seeing our favourite mobile suits destroying all on their sights!…jeez…just enjoy it or go play chess… -_-

Comment by Duo

Gundam Guy: You probably haven’t played G Gen Spirits, which is one of the most unforgiving G Gen games because of the AI.

Comment by Chickenwuss

Duo: Well, it’s called a strategy game for a reason you know. What’s the point of playing it only for some animations that you can see on YouTube?

Comment by -_-

I prefer BOOBS at Endless Frontier than Gundams!!

Comment by The spoiler

The difficulty problem is actually because most player tends to use every strongest Gundam available and at a high level any stage is like a walk in a park, try to use only grunt unit like GM Sniper its really fun

Comment by Rekkou

cant wait to play this game.

Comment by The Spoiler

Yeah but while I agree with you what was Duo said is the most important for a ppl who love this GGen or SRW series, they could careless about AI just not too mindless is enough or else this two series is not for them.

Comment by Vermillion

Dont mind me if this is wrong, but in order to be able to beat any strategy game, you should be able to PREDICT the enemies next move one way or the other. I dont think AI being predictable will lead to a bad game at all, there are plenty other ways you can do to improve the challenge/excitement of the game.

Comment by 00-Riser

Passo la mano..troppe immagini…

Comment by Debris

if you all notice the unit & character number in the offical site had incease from 600+ to 700+ i hope that it can incease till 1000+ if possiable

Comment by Anonymous


youre right… games like srw and ggen gets their saving grace for the fun of thinking and strategy. the animations are just “the cherry on top the cake”. the animations on these are noticeably bland compared to recent games because banpresto is afraid of pushing hardware limits. that happened to SRWXO.

Comment by aPerson

oops.. I guess this isnt banpresto? what the hey!

Comment by aPerson

@aPerson : stupid

Comment by Anonymous

Ese juego sera lo mas cercanoa un SRW en Wii! ^_^

Comment by CC

Will they do this in English?
or at least subtitled?
Cause if they will…

Comment by asukal10a

wh0cd951151 diclofenac

Comment by MichaelPeR

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