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More pics from Gundam Ace Mag. (June)
April 30, 2009, 8:03 pm
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[H.S] 無限城

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Comment by 샌드맨

This final episode is pretty epic and the secret of the box would be release in this climax.

First we have Barnage squares off with Angelo-the-Gay Unicorn VS Rozen Zulu, if you thinking what I’m thinking you are thinking what I’m thinking: Is that Barnage manifesting his Newtype powers with those flying shields? Well, I dunno but if Amuro can pull Axis from falling into Earth with that kind of raw Newtype power, I don’t see why Barnage can’t do it with mere shields.

Secondly, a duel with the Full-Frontal in his Sinanju is very much like the arch-rivalry between Amuro and Char is reenacted and such rivalry must have an end. After seeing him matured thru so many battles, I sincerely hope Barnage can really hack the Sinanju to bits this time. I’m getting tired of him masquerading as Char…

Thirdly, the Banshee is back for the 3rd time? What has gotten into Marida again? Or is it someone else? Anyway, it seems Marida sacrifice herself for a bigger cause in this finale. Well, you can’t have 2 Ple-clones living together and since living is just as cruel as dying, I think Marida is a lot more better to depart early.

Still, that isn’t the finale I expected and I wonder would the contents of the box be released and what would it do to the current EF-Sides status quot? Will Siam Vist be finally laid to rest after so many years of guarding that box which also cause him to outlive his love-ones unwillingly? Hell, can’t wait to read that part.

Comment by codename:v

Very tank SRW!

Comment by Debris

[…] hotnews ha procurato nuove immagini del numero di Giugno della rivista Gundam Ace, dal quale sono arrivate e continuano […]

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To me I think the Unicorn series screwed the history for UC.

Comment by M

(To me I think the Unicorn series screwed the history for UC.)

You don’t even know the history of UC either

Comment by codename:v

how sure are you? mr so called gundam fan.

I;m also wasting my time “argueing” with you here FYI.

Comment by M

Am sorry for being so rude earlier on.

By the way, the comment wasn’t directed to you. read clearly next time before “firing” back at people.

“(TO ME I THINK the Unicorn series screwed the history for UC.)”

I was only expressing my OWN OPINION. The world, or more like the internet is a free space to do whatever one wishes to do(including firing back at people)

Clearly, you don’t have the power or rights to do so. People are just merely expressing themselves. Is it something forbidden?

Yes, I am slightly agitated, but again, I don’t want to put myself on the same level as you.

You claim to be as old as the RX-78 Gundam. I am younger than you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read and I don’t know stuff.

I think that’s all i would like to say. I wouldn’t want to turn something unnecessary into a big fuzz. A very good example was last year in one particular post, which cause a big battle between everyone.

Didn’t we learn anything from that?

-not bothered anymore because it’s your own opinion again-

It’s my opinion again. You don’t have to take it so personal.

Comment by M

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