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New gunpla boxarts
April 30, 2009, 8:14 pm
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MG Gouf Ver. 2.0


Gundam Astray Gold Frame 1/100

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In comparison to Gold Frame Amatsu boxart Gold Frame’s boxart sucks.
And Gouf looks like real badass! I like this art %))

Comment by Rune

I find this Gold Frame came out way too late than other frames when Amatu has already made it’s presence. As for SEED MSV, I think other designs like Astray Outframe, Testament, Astray Mars Jacket and Turn Delta are good and they should be released as HG plamos as well instead of banging on the current half-ass SEED manga.

Comment by codename:v

Wait, current? That’s the unmodified Gold Frame, which shows up early on in the Astray series, how is that current? Unless they have yet another Astray series that follows the Astray timeline that I don’t know about.

Comment by DarkCode

mm, Gold Frame box art lacks color balance, looking at it too long will be bad for your eyes (seriously)
but agree with V, wonder why Bandai won’t release Outframe and the other? Outframe can be their greatest money sources as Outframe can use every backpack on Seed so Bandai can release a lot of version and gain money from it, its even a lot easier than recolor

Comment by Rekkou

In time, maybe it will. I never expected to see Amatsu see the light of day but a 1/100 kit did come out eventually.

But since both Testament and Outframe use parts from both Strike and Astray, Bandai might be taking their time in figuring out how to put together the existing parts to cut cost.

Comment by darkvenom

And Outframe can use Impulse weapon pack too

Comment by Anonymous

I’ll have to agree with CV on this one. This should’ve been released before Amatsu, and the Bazooka should’ve gone to a 1/100 Blue Frame.

Here’s hoping for an actual 1/100 Mars Jacket release.

Comment by Guara

Wow the Gouf Boxart is so awesome they had to make the Gold Frame’s boxart terrible!

Comment by F97 X-1

OK, while Bandai are in 1/100 Astray Mode, I request an Astray Red Frame Mars Jacket-type (standard version), Astray Blue Frame Third L, Divine Testament and Astray Out Frame (with ‘Back Home’ backpack).

I think what we are more likely to get is the Astray Blue Frame (original unmodified version, probably with Gold Frame’s bazooka) and the Astray Silver(?)/Grey(?) Frame.

Comment by Hanzkaz

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