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Linebarrels of Iron coming to PSP
May 3, 2009, 8:59 pm
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Dengeki Online – Hudson Soft announced Linebarrels of Iron for PSP.

Genre: Simulation RPG

Release date: Fall 2009

Official site:


Download Linebarrels of Iron PV (Mediafire, FLV)





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wow super robot style ^_^

Though the show was not that great, I’ll still get this game!

Comment by kaminakun

WOW, FM – SDGGGen style, great!

Comment by Anonymous

Hopefully it won’t royally suck like the anime.

Comment by F97 X-1

You know what great, its for PSP….

So yall know what I mean by that, if you dont, then….

Comment by ottoto

What, you mean you can ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD it from the INTERNET?

Comment by Anonymous

of course….
welcome to the world of chinese….
where piracy is the path to enlightenment

Comment by Ereos

hai, sou desu 😀

Comment by Anonymous

“welcome to the world of chinese….”
Soka na…

Comment by pass

Now…why can’t PSP’s gundam strategy games be like this one, good grahics and nice map.
G-Generation & Gihren’s Ambition games have such lousy game maps & battel animations….. so sad.

Comment by Gundam Guy

GundamGuy: Gundam slgs are so crappy because it’s more cost efficient and save times to use sprites with simple animation movements like animated gifs. What more, game sprites from previous titles are often reuse over and over again in “newer” titles. What do you think Namco-Bandai is able to release 3-7 games per year?

Then again, slgs are boring and becoming obsolete as today’s gaming trend demand more virtual participations and actions with the stories and characters. Which is why most gamers are becoming more engage with MMORPGs because online games are their virtual playground.

Comment by codename:v

I have to say LBOI was one of the wrost mecha anime I ever seen… I don’t know if I will like to buy and play this game… 😕

Comment by MazinKaesar

But still lots of asian, specially south east asian, people play MMORPG with cheats.

Comment by Anonymous

I heard everywhere that Line Barrel is a bad mech anime. Is it really bad??

Comment by amuro0093

@amuro0093, it’s not all that great, but it still good to watch if you have spare time. it came out when there isn’t much good shows to watch so it is somewhat a good time killer.

Comment by realgundam

You definitely hits the mark with your comment. I agree with you. And that is why I am not gonna get the upcoming G Generation game at all…I think.

So far I feel the best gundam PSP game thus far is Senjou no Kizuna, which is more of a action game.

Comment by Gundam Guy

I hope this follows the Manga, which is awesome, rather than that sorry excuse for an Anime. Fat chance though.

Comment by Amon

Gundam Game Please. GvG Next or Gundam Battle Series will do.

Comment by Anonymous

A lot of fanservice and comedy, some good battles.
But generally it’s a bad anime, watch it only if you don’t have any other series to watch.

Comment by MazinKaesar

The only SRPG worth playing was the Front Mission Series.

SRW is lame compared to it.

Comment by Anonymous

You know for SRPG, there are many good other title beside Front Mission and what you say is like “anime is lame compare to movie” something like that.

Comment by LM

Front mission series is one of the best games you could get!

Comment by r4 card


Comment by dddddddddd

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