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New secret mobile suit for Gundam Vs. Gundam Next
May 4, 2009, 9:54 pm
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Woot! That’s awesome! Too bad I can’t play the game though ­čśŽ

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Sorry for the double but… Wait wait… UNICORN GUNDAM!? OH YEAH!:D

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Woah, the highlights in GvG Next is tht NTD Unicorn !!

Comment by sbhboi

Omg, is that really true? Unicorn Gundam!!??

Comment by Anonymous

Whoa! Let’s hope, that this game will be released not only on arcades.

Comment by Rune

Thats great Unicorn Gundam is in this.

Comment by The Red Comet

Btw, on the official website, 2 secret MS (along with other things) has been revealed.

Revealed MS are Strike Freedom and Gundam Double X.

Comment by fuckyou


Comment by thepyro

I guess once all the MS revealed, the game will goes to PS2

Comment by Rekkou

Damn i want this game, i don’t care about the system.

PSP, PS2, PS3, i don’t care, as long as they put it on a Console.

Comment by Nova MK X

PS2 more than anything! >:D

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

is this for the arcade version or is this a new Gundam VS Gundam coming to psp, ps3?

Comment by Anonymous

How come the U.S. Gundam games are terrible? I’d really love it if Bandai would outsource the Gundam games to a better studio like Bungie, Blizzard, Electronic Arts, or some studio that makes hit games. And for the love of all things, can we please get a couple of good Gundam games for the Xbox 360? Imagine a mobile suit simulator with the full power of the 360? I’d love to see the Strike Freedom, Wing Zero, Gundam 00, or even Nu Gundam on the 360. That would so rock!

Comment by GundamMeisterFreedom

Yeah it would! Except that I would like it on the PS3.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Can’t see this as anything more than an update to the PSP game.

Sad thing is, if Bandai got off it butt and put it on the PS3/360, new suits could be offered as DLC. They could probably already do it on the PSP for that matter.

Comment by Bob

oh man, i wan this game! It will go to PS3/Xbox360 for sure this year end!!

Comment by RJ

Unicorn only gets some attentions after going from book to screen. Yep, fags don’t read at all

Since both Unicorn and EZ8 made appearance in GVSG PSP, then I guess the Sinanju and Apsara III should be in the game as well. Whether do they make it to PS2 or not, I’m not sure about that but it shouldn’t be much problems without online gaming and low-res poly.

Comment by codename:v

why so butthurt about unicorn anyway?
how much more retarded can you be cv?

Comment by someone

How unfortunate, I look up other sites and it seems that these 3 are only mean for arcade machines. Better luck with NEXT2

Comment by codename:v

That someone doesn’t even read
True as it is

Comment by codename:v

Unicorn will be overpowered. it’s the strike freedom of UC.

Comment by Anonymous

so fags are all the persons who don’t read japanese? hahahahahahahaha

you are so GAYYYYY..
And much more retarded as i first expected….
3 words are all you know? fags dont read?
what is next? read fags dont? or maybe read fags dont? ha ha ha ha ha
you are such a dumb asshole.. ­čÖé

Comment by another one

Yes, because if you can’t read a language that isn’t native to your lands. You are somehow homosexual.


Great logic, CV. Go choke to death on your own vomit.

Comment by DarkCode

I love that nobody noticed that there is no EZ8 or Unicorn in the psp ver like v said >____>

Comment by Ed

we fags would probably read if there was an english translation. we have only so much time to learn japanese just to read unicorn!

at least you realize that unicorn gundam deserves the attention. i like that.

i could only say congrats to you cv, now that you read unicorn without being neither japanese nor having a translator around.

Comment by aPerson

I hope they will be included in the incoming G generation wars !!!

Comment by Gundam_Freak

It’s true that FAGS (one good example would be you) don’t read. I still remember when in one of the old posts, you said something like 00 series is used to promote their models in Japan. It was just SO stupid of you that you didn’t even know that every anime , H, game in Japan would definitely have its own figure, model ,etc. Seriously, I had a good laugh that time. Obviously one of the purpose of the anime is to promote their figures, but its not the main purpose. Know your facts FAG, read more like you always ask others to do.

One more thing, you ask others to read but I doubt you actually understand what you read. There has been comments telling you off that not everyone knows how to read Japanese, but you insist that people read the Unicorn novel, which for your information is in Japanese (Telling you this because it doesn’t seem like you understood what people are trying to tell you). A real fag aren’t you? Since you seem to insist that people read the novel, why not you, who reads it, translate it, or at least briefly explain it to people who don’t understand it. Simple isn’t it? Then you don’t have to go round calling people fags and everyone knows what’s happening.

By the way, PLEASE after my comment, don’t force others to learn Japanese, not everyone has the time to do so. Last thing, you’ll remain a FAG and forever a FAG unless you change your damn attitude.

Comment by adamJ

Hmm…Does this cV know what does faggot means? I wonder..or…is he one himself? XD

I hope he knows as a person who like to go round stirring things up like a sissy. He said 00 is gay..then..what is he?

Ugh…a sick person who never learns anything from what has happened last time..Sad adult, right ‘sis’V?

Comment by M

“He said 00 is gay..then..what is he?”
more than gay. After all he watched it all episode untill the and of anime. telling people 00 is gay. and he also hikikomori. fags thats don’t has any friends.

Comment by Fighters

Oh nooo…

Since he is more than gay…maybe he is…like the whole bunch of innovators. XDDDDDD

Yea, and come to think of that. my buddies were asking who is this one idiot that has no life. It took me awhile to think n finally i remembered it. Someone who is jobless and mindless. XD

They were laughing at him and wondering does he really know what “fag” means. XDDD

I didn’t mean to provoke anyone but…this is what really happened.


Comment by M

It is confirmed… YOU ALL SUCK SUCKERS…

Comment by Anonymous

One thing. It takes a bigger sucker to call a smaller sucker.

Comment by adamJ

CV says” fags don’t read” So he is the only FAG! We all read and understand, but he don’t. lol

Comment by RJ

Well, as a hardcore GVG fan (go to the arcades every week) this is super exciting for me. I can’t wait to use Unicorn! I guess it also means, they’re going to announce who the person will give the voice!

I also think that GVGN will most likely port to the PSP because the first one did and it was successful. Anyhow, this is a sweet addition.

Comment by AC

El gundam vs gundam va a salir para ps2 o para psp

Comment by heero

El gundam vs gundam va a salir para ps2 o para psp

Comment by heero

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Wait a minute. This website posted those 3 exact mobile suits that were playable in GVG: Next months ago.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

I’m guessing, or rather, hoping, once all the MS that are revealed for the arcade, they’ll announce a port to the PSP (or PS3 I suppose, but PSP is totally viable). I didn’t bother to read all the comments, but seems a lot of people are pulling for PS2, which, honestly, I don’t see why they would, but never say never. as for GundamMeisterFreedom, aren’t all those game companies complete and utter crap? Seriously EA? you might as well be CV asking that. “GUNDAM FAGS, ALL ANIME FANS INCLUDING MYSELF ARE FAGS, FAGS FAGS FAGS FAGS FAGS” what gundam game that came out here in the states suck so bad? For that fact, how many gundam games have come out over here? I can think of 2, and they weren’t completly terrible, just the voice acting was rather annoying (I like consitancy, and watching gundam in japanese and hearing it in english, just doesn’t work out too well, sorry)

Comment by Kenpei

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