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Frame Arms site update
May 6, 2009, 8:42 pm
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Stylet prototype has been revealed.


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Still wonder how’s the armor can fit the frame transformation

Comment by Rekkou

It looks like they manage to retain articulation even with the armor on the frame. Nice, Kotobukiya.

Comment by Hiro

I don’t think there is transformation for this frame, the skeleton for this frame isn’t meant for that purpose but to switch parts into something else.

The design is just uninspiring and reminds me of Muu-Luv’s mechas which has the same kind fighter jet thrusters and wings accessory. The tank design looks like it’s copied from Katoki’s Loto, Yanase sure is a let-down for a mecha designer.

Comment by codename:v

I think it would be an excellent design if it indeed is transformable, but as previous dude said doesn’t look like it can be pulled off.

I don’t think the design is a let-down or anything, but it does seem kinda weird to have plane parts when it’s not transformable…

I don’t really understand how people judge mecha designs anymore, we get nice looking ones like this and people are disappointed, then we get those ugly pieces of shit like Transformers and people are all over it (wow it turns into a real car! who cares what the robot mode looks like.)

Comment by Kev

barcelonaaaaa!!! go go messi!!

Comment by Anonymous

There is no way that thing can transform, heh.

Comment by DarkCode

now that i think abt it… it does look generic.

Comment by aPerson


You don’t have to try understanding CV’s opinion on mecha design. He hates everything that’s not in the UC timeline.

Comment by Guara

because CV only love me ❤

Comment by Anonymous

*kiss codename:v*

Comment by Anonymous

“The design is just uninspiring and reminds me of Muu-Luv’s mechas which has the same kind fighter jet thrusters and wings accessory.”
Just reminds you, not mean it same, Moron!

“Yanase sure is a let-down for a mecha designer.” just like your art. Both are Lame!

Comment by Anonymous

I like how this unit looks. Although, I wish I knew where this is from… or is this an original?

Comment by Nameless

It’s original design.

Comment by superrobotwar


don’t you dare underestimate Transformers!

hah, can’t help it. everyone’s entitled to an opinion…

btw, tnx superrobotwar for the heads-up on frame arms. they better be cheap tho.

Comment by aPerson

Maybe there is a partial transformation feature. Like a high maneuverable mode for the flight version. That could explain the tank treads on the other version. Still, I like the design, I hope they roll out with more than just two 😉

Comment by BlueAleseides

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