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MG Guntank!
May 8, 2009, 12:42 am
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Goods Press magazine said MG Guntank will be out on June.

If this is ture, I hope MG Guntank will be shows up on Shizuoka Hobby Show

2009 next week.

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Comment by F97 X-1

Fucking hope not. God, bring out something that actually looks good. Jesus, what a shitty year for MG’s.

Comment by Amon

MG Exia… where are you?

Comment by beamknight87

I agree, with you, Amon. This has been a shitty year for MG kits, unless you’re a One Year War fan.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Finally! I guess bandai and sunrise just timed it with the 30th anniversary.

If you don’t like the guntank, then don’t buy it.

My bet is MG Exia’s release will coincide with 00 movie.

Comment by skilohc

@beamknight87-“MG Exia… where are you?”

I’m sure it’s stashed away on a design folder on a computer at Bandai HQ. LOL!

Seriously though. MG Guntank has been on hold for about a year now! If they can produce an MG Guntank for us at least sometime in 2009, this will be a wonderful year for U.C. fans!

Comment by Anonymous

Hahaha. Shity year for new fans indeed. U.C. rocks. I remember Bandai showing off a R.C. one like last year. I sure hope they’ll release 2 versions. A plain model and that R.C. one.

Comment by Anonymous

The Guntank is pretty much the only OYW Federation suit that hasn’t gotten a MG, and people are bitching about it? I honestly thought that we’d get a Ball 2.0 before the Guntank would be released.
I’m not even sure on how Bandai chooses the releases, since there’s still a lot of Gundams that haven’t gotten a MG (V and X, among others)

Comment by Anotherannon

I remember Gunpla was such a novelty way back in the 80’s. Now that gundam has gone global. I admire Bandai’s efforts of reintroducing history.
Shity year for new fans of the franchise? Consider yourselves luck for getting related releases almost every month.

Comment by Wewe

movable track pls~ where you at it, remote control too as well XD

Comment by realgundam

I can care less if it’s a UC or AU MG being released, I’m just saying that there’s a lot of OYW kits being released, including the 2.0 rereleases.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

from a forum:
“the special release would be the R/C version in single belt track. (I think the R/C technology here is borrowed from the Tamiya 1/35 R/C line) in contrast to the clear versions, plated versions, etc.

Regular release would be either a the individual track links or batch track links.”

Comment by skilohc

A MG Guntank is quite appropriate for Gundam 30th anniversary and that completes the Operation V circle. It’s about time too for the Guntank to get a MG status.

Oldfags, newfags, 00fags, seedfags and UCfags are all alike-Gundamfags where everything mecha has to be “Gundam”. Everyday, every hours, every seconds they bash each other up over which is more superior when all Gundam titles has their shares of pros and cons. Faggotry has never more comedic than before but nothing is much worse than how gundamfags teach you how to suck cocks. “Clashes of the Cocksuckers” should be aired on Comedy Channel.

Really, I don’t understand you Gundamfags at all.

Comment by codename:v

Ta Naka yola Hat. MG Guntank Ampu tata lagaka yo.kan totka yosapu keng aso.

Comment by Anonymous

[…] decisa l’affermazione di SRW hotnews,più cauta la nota di Ngee Khiong che sottolinea come l’informazione NON sia […]

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Hey CV, I have an awesome idea. How about from now on, you only post about things you like instead of about things you hate.

Ya know, so we never have to hear from you again ever.

Incidentally, it’s pretty much a general consensus in the world at large these days that if someone spends an awful lot of time calling other people ‘fags’, ‘homos’, and ‘cocksuckers’, they are more likely than not a closet-case homosexual.

Comment by TheRyuujinMike

By golly I think TheRyuujinMike has a smashing idea. What say you, CV?

Comment by DarkCode

Is this what meant by the “bandai guy” from before? well i don’t really know how Guntank can be really expensive, except MG Guntank isn’t what he meant

Comment by Rekkou

CV is one of word victim (‘fags’, ‘homos’, and ‘cocksuckers’) that has spread that word to other to release heir grudge.

With the MG Guntank will release soon (if that’s true), i believe MG Guncannon ver 2 will be released too. Lol, this half year MG will bored if continue like release remake old model. May be it is good for modellers thats not have one, get old model with excellent joint. I expect the 0079 series ver 2 will has awesome outlook design like Mk II and Zeta Ver 2, even Zaku II ver 2 is still got better design than EFSF’s MS (Gundam, GM) that its outer design turn into 1979. And to grab RX-78-2 ver OYW is the right choise than take RX-78-2 ver2. after i bought ver Ka, with all ‘upgrade’ design from ver 1.5 and ver Ka. fortunately, HGUC not like that. Many new model more than re-relese old one just for another color scheme. At the top HGUC Hi Nu will help modellers who don’t has enough money to buy MG Hi Nu to added their model collections.

Comment by 4n0nyn0us

Maybe we’ll get some good post 0093 MGs soon enough…

Comment by Ed

This year isn’t being horrible because it’s full of OYW release, it’s being awful because they’ve mostly been already released before. That and so many of the OYW designs suck old ass. The Guntank is a horrible and ugly design. Bring on the new material.

Comment by Amon

there been unicorn gundam and sinnaju unless they count as 2008 mg’s
but then the only good one i seen is Impulse gundam sword shiloutte which was awesome but come to think of it why hasnt gundam 00 got a single MG yet!
though im still waiting on a Susano 1/100

Comment by Ereos

lol. I was looking for a codename:v quote, and all I had to do was click on the latest blog entry and there it was. That guy just won’t give up.

Comment by Milkman Dan

MG Guntank… must buy.

Comment by Gundam Guy

But I think despite the way CV saying I must say that what he is saying is very reasonable this time.

Comment by LM


i like your view of the gundam franchise.. each series having their own pros and cons and all that.
but i’m surprised, I thought you hate 00 so much! how come you saw something positive on that?

the guntank is my favorite! so this is very good news..

Comment by aPerson

Gun Tank!!
I wouldn’t give a dam for this piece of shit.
Who would care for this stupid thing?
Well the answer is only Freeks and Fags.
And fuck you Good Press Magazine and shove that tank up your assess.

Comment by The Spoiler

Who would care for this stupid thing?
Well the answer is only Freeks and Fags.

Has enough that Bandai can ignore your bubbling.

Comment by LM

LM’s good at mimicry!

Comment by aPerson

they need to release a mg legend

Comment by Joe

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