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Fairlion Type-S box art
May 9, 2009, 8:30 pm
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Nice and girly.

Comment by KaitoKid

This is really childish, but just perfect for pedofags who are into lolis and maidos. Really, you don’t need mechas in SRW anymore because SRW is now officially SFW (Super Faggots War)

Comment by codename:v


You mean that there’s actually a term for maid robots?!


Comment by Bob

Yes, V, because one model represents a whole organization. >_>

Regardless, F for Fail. See me after class, V.

Comment by Nameless

Hmm… not sure if I would buy this even if it goes as much as $20 or lower. The Assault Blade is VERY tempting… but considering how small this model is… if it’s anything like the Wildraubiter… the parts will be small and annoying to assemble. They were ok looking in OG since they were chibi-fied, but as a scaled model… they look creepy. =/

Comment by Nameless

D’awww Fairlions are cute.

Comment by F97 X-1

Man, I’m not sure how CV sees a little girl in that mech, but I’m sure his projections onto it are quite effective for his imagination.

Comment by DarkCode

Owh, so cute ^.^

Comment by codename:v

pedofags – pedo homo – shotacon. Lol CV you’re fag to express something

Comment by Anonymous

Are you hate fag or loli, which one?
Just see my Fei-Yen it will gross cv out.

Comment by Fighters

CV are so stupids,there are not loli just feminime mecha like momo’s mecha in xenosaga or crescent in xenogears.
I think CV are Lolicon cause he see every cute mecha like loli girls

Comment by nano nano

admit it guys, this one’s aimed for the lolicon fandom(75% of it)(japan has more lolis than anywhere else, ya!)… the fairilion being piloted by loli pilots and a special attack in a form of a wierd yet cute dance, just reinforces the point.

I like the design, not because I’m a lolifag, but because it really does look sleek!

and guys, dont talk to cv like that. he’s just expressing his anger and disappointment over the franchise. everyone is entitled to that. sides, he praises mecha designs once in a while, right?

Comment by aPerson

I think it’s kinda creepy that there can’t just be a cutseyish robot in an SD-style game piloted by younger women/girls without people raising the pedo flag. It’s not like Latuni and Shine go around flashing their panties like some creepy manga/anime.

Incidentally CV, name calling is also childish, as are most of the things you say.

Comment by TheRyuujinMike


We would if his argument and expression wasn’t just a blizzard of one word (you know what it is). There are more mature ways of expressing ones anger… and V fails to deliver it. In other words, V likes to be treated like trash.

It’s nice of you to try and defend V, but quite frankly, it’s not worth it. He chose to be scum. =/

Comment by Nameless

He want, who just know him for now, treat like ‘hero rise from the ash’ for all critic he comment. The truth, he just “here rise from his ass”, hikikomori who hated gundam from AU series. takled about the Bandai’s spam kits from 00 nowadays but forget to looked gramps RX-78-2 still most spam kits (with limited edition and all scale) than other gunpla.

Comment by Fighters


About defending V, I did that because behind the trashy talk, he does make a point, more or less!

cause he’s the Simon Cowell of mecha.

And, IF you read his deviant, you’ll find that he says these things because he “Just doesn’t understand fags at all!”

just look at his posts at the lighter side of it. just try to enjoy his anger, sarcasm, hypocrisy, complaints, rants and quips.

don’t mind him calling you fags. you all know you’re not one.

maybe something bad happened in his life that started him down such road of criticisms and name-callings. and it probably involved mecha.

example: I started hating SEED no-grade 1/144 because of the price tag that is not its worth. Fuckin’ articulation that one.

Comment by aPerson

thanks for the heads-up tho, nameless.

Comment by aPerson


Well, you give him TOO much credit. XD
Hell, the main reason why we criticize V is because, unlike Simon, V is NOT a professional in anything… and yet talks like he once worked in Bandai. >_> Work in Bandai, then I’ll believe the bitching and his speech impediment of using variations of the f work .

Don’t get me wrong. I love to see V fail. I even dubbed him the blog clown, the village idiot, etc. But, I would like to see him be less of an idiot. The game loses its fun when you learn the guy you’re picking on is really mental challenged. =/

Comment by Nameless


Have you SEEN his gallery?

He’s NOT Simon Cowell. Simon STANDS BY on what he believes in. LOOK at his gallery.

Codename:V will insult Japanese robot designs, complaining about the decline of robot creativity, but one look at his gallery will tell you that he’s full of shit.

His drawings are pretty good, but creativity wise, they are seriously lacking. He whines about Bandai’s mecha designs, then turns around and rips off said designs in his art gallery.

Comment by Darrel

Also, have you seen him behave on /m/? He’s articulate here, but on /m/, all he does is insult the posters 24/7.

Comment by Darrel

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