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Special kit reviews: Gespent Mk-II Type-TT (Limited Ver.)
May 11, 2009, 2:59 am
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damn this looks sexy!

Comment by Ereos

now this is a mecha im never gonna buy…

I just hate the gespy.

Id rather go for the guarlion.

Comment by aPerson


Banpresto Original is really really GOOD

Comment by codename:v

Now this is more like a ghost, I think some night-glow paint job can make it more spooky.

But seriously, it takes more than just grunt-beginner unit to be limited edition. What’s the point of selling a beginner at a higher price? For old time’s sake? Nah, I rather go for an ART-1

Comment by codename:v

Gespensts are one of my favourite MP units ever. The Type TT is ok but there are better variations. Gespenst RV release would be awesome but I doubt it would be released anytime soon. The Gespy Kai is the best however, double plasma stakes hell yeah!

Comment by F97 X-1

I agree, I prefer Kai over this one.

Comment by Keet

Looking at the model itself, the white color doesn’t look too good. =/

The Blue Mass production color is awesome enough… although Katina’s Red color would have been better… 😄

Comment by Nameless

The Artbox style looks like Bandai’s old artbox in 1980

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by codename:v

Yea! Looks great! I’m not a fan of grunt units though. They should start producing the units from SRW Mugen no Frontier. Those look way much better including the black gespenst.

Comment by Nick

>>> Nick

Err.. they’re basically the same thing. The difference being size and little details here and there. >_>;;;

Comment by Nameless

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