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Special kit reviews: Gespent Mk-II Type-TT (Limited Ver.)
May 11, 2009, 2:59 am
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Aoi Model Shop


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damn this looks sexy!

Comment by Ereos

now this is a mecha im never gonna buy…

I just hate the gespy.

Id rather go for the guarlion.

Comment by aPerson


Banpresto Original is really really GOOD

Comment by codename:v

Now this is more like a ghost, I think some night-glow paint job can make it more spooky.

But seriously, it takes more than just grunt-beginner unit to be limited edition. What’s the point of selling a beginner at a higher price? For old time’s sake? Nah, I rather go for an ART-1

Comment by codename:v

Gespensts are one of my favourite MP units ever. The Type TT is ok but there are better variations. Gespenst RV release would be awesome but I doubt it would be released anytime soon. The Gespy Kai is the best however, double plasma stakes hell yeah!

Comment by F97 X-1

I agree, I prefer Kai over this one.

Comment by Keet

Looking at the model itself, the white color doesn’t look too good. =/

The Blue Mass production color is awesome enough… although Katina’s Red color would have been better… XD

Comment by Nameless

The Artbox style looks like Bandai’s old artbox in 1980

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by codename:v

Yea! Looks great! I’m not a fan of grunt units though. They should start producing the units from SRW Mugen no Frontier. Those look way much better including the black gespenst.

Comment by Nick

>>> Nick

Err.. they’re basically the same thing. The difference being size and little details here and there. >_>;;;

Comment by Nameless

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