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Frame Arms – Style 32 Type 1 Special Combat Vehicle “Gourai”
May 13, 2009, 6:17 am
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nice and I like look of it. sadly can’t transform but I’m ok with it

Comment by MaxHD2490

Sure looks a lot like the Loto from Gundam Unicorn.

Comment by BlueBomb

I doubt many will get this to convert it into a Loto from Unicorn xD

Comment by Juste

Tank treads on its calves? Hmmm…

Comment by F97 X-1

hmmm, wonder what it’ll looks like when we combined it with Stylet

Comment by Rekkou

Frame Arms are basically add-ons with swappable parts and aren’t meant to be functional. Yanase sure hits a new low with this Gourai as its appearance is too similiar with the Loto from Unicorn, some mecha designer ha!

Comment by codename:v

*brushes CV under the rug*

Comment by Hiro

And the Lotto is a derivated Rip Off from the Guntank of Gundam F91 though because it shows up on a story that takes places before F91 we have to get the previously non existance excuse of “That Guntank was based on this guy that actually didn’t exist when F91 was made”

Comment by Anonymous

Wow, CV, you are really stretching there.

Only thing even close to similar are the tread placement and color.

Comment by DarkCode

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