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48th Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009 photo reports
May 14, 2009, 8:09 am
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Last update: May 17th 2009

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XN Raiser from Gundam 00V come with Hobby Japan Mag October

(on sale August 25th, price 1,290 yen)


Frame Arms – Stylet and Gourai


VF-25S Armored Messiah Valkyrie (Ozama Custom) 1/72 – June, 8,400 yen


VF-25F Armored Messiah Valkyrie (Alto Custom) 1/72 – June, 8,400 yen


Soul of Chogokin Spec XS-12 Tekkaman Blade with Pegas – July


Soul of Chogokin Daizengar & Aussenseiter – June, 29,400 yen


New Gundam SEED side story “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS ASTRAY”


Next HGUC will come from Gundam Unicorn series


HG Reborns Gundam – September

HG Gaddess – August, 1,575 yen


HG Susanowo- June, 1,575 yen


MG Gundam Exia – July, 3,860 yen

MG Gundam Exia (Ignition Mode) – July, 5250 yen

* Come with RE Conversion parts, LED lighting effects parts.


MG Guntank – June


MG G-Armor (Real Type Color)


Aoshima -M9 Gernsback Sagara Sosuke Ver.


HG Gundam RX-78-2 (NEW) 30th Anniversary- July, 1,260 yen


HG 0 Gundam


HGUC Unicorn Gundam


HGUC Kshatriya


HGUC Jegan – August


HGUC Ewac-Zack


Macross Frontier Queadluun-Rea (Klan Klang Custom) 1/72


Macross Frontier VF-27 Lucifer 1/72


Megahouse – Deformover Alteisen & Weibritter

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Is there a reason why the HG Unicorn and HG Kshatriya aren’t labeled as HGUC?

Comment by Kahn, Genghis

MG Guntank is gonna be freaking awesome.

Comment by thepyro

Wow, ksatria is a good name lol.

Comment by amuro0093

@kahn: it’s because these are display-only items for now, not yet announced for release. Bandai is still “testing the waters” for fan response to these items.

Comment by valkyriepilot

MG Exia = autoget

Comment by beamknight87

agreed!, btw do you know if mg exia will be equipped with 7 swords?

Comment by nandaka

Kawaii desu neh. ^_^ V

Comment by codename:v


Look at the MG Exia pic. It has the two GN Blades. It has all 7 swords.

Comment by Rayearth

The really nice thing about that MG Exia is that I believe it comes with the parts to make it the R2. At least, the display for the MG has the green lining on the GN Sword, the same green lining as the R2. Well, unless it’s clear and showing through the base. Hard to tell.

Looks fantastic either way!

Comment by DarkCode

On a second look, you can definitely make the Exia Repair at least. It comes with the cloak and the damaged head.

VERY cool!

Comment by DarkCode

The mg exia special edition sword and blade is plate coated. The green is the reflection from the green base area. Most likely the R2 will be another release.

Comment by LigerX

dame I was hoping for a Chogokin Lucifer, and Macross Frontier Queadluun-Rea (Klan Klang Custom)…

Comment by ottoto

Yeah, you’re probably right.

At least we get the repair mods, heh.

Comment by DarkCode

Yes, all new UC 144 is great. From Unicorn to Jegan. I wonder Kshatriya’s price is it gonna release. 3000-3500?

Comment by Epsilon_013

No LEDs on MG Exia? LOL

Comment by Jikai

oh wait… there is. But only two? Then make a Designer’s Color with 3 like they did with the 1/100 00 Raiser Gundam? Come on….

Comment by Jikai

Finding reasons to gripe are we?

MG Exia is looking to be as badass as it should be.

Number of LEDs have no bearing on the quality of a product. ;p

Comment by DarkCode

Also, think where the hell are they going to put more LEDs? It only has one GN drive, and I’m not even sure where the other one is going to be. Eyes? Surely, the GN drive doesn’t need two.

Comment by DarkCode

[…] hotnews nel suo primo servizio mette in evidenza le prime immagini del Master Grade Guntank,sembrerebbe confermata la data di […]

Pingback by Gundam Universe Blog » Blog Archive » Shizuoka Hobby Show 2009: M Grade Exia,MG Guntank;Unicorn,i modelli!

I think this MG Excia is rather premature with 00 still has a stockpile of unfinished and excessive HG00 plamos under its belt. How much would this MG look like together with the other 10 Excias 00fags has been collecting? Well, the answer is they are all look just the SAME and don’t you 00fags feel stupid for salivating over some idiot who called himself GUNDAM? Even if you pose the MG Excia with the HG Reborns, the great difference is just so obvious that it looks stupid. 00 sure adds stupidity to Gundam anime and can only be remembered as GAY. Really, overspamming on one particular mech kills variety and bored the stiffs out of fanbase.

Comment by codename:v

Hah, when you can’t complain about the quality of the kit, you gotta complain about something, right CV?

You will be only remembered as STUPID. ^^

Comment by DarkCode

“Really, overspamming on one particular mech kills variety and bored the stiffs out of fanbase.”

Weren’t you the one complimenting Gouf releases? Count how many they have made. Seems its funny how your logic changes against something you don’t like.

Comment by DarkCode

MG Exia is quite a sudden release along with new HGUC RX-78-2, i never even heard any news about it when its still a plan or a protoype i guess bandai wanna keep this as a surprise, and it looks like we’ll heard about MG RX-78-2 30th edition soon

Comment by Rekkou

MG Exia Special Edition comes with chrome parts, LEDs, Green edged GN Sword, cloak and Exia Repair parts FUCK YEAH! Also HG Unicorn is a want but whether or not its going to be released and when is still something to ponder. Also Mother Of God! That Kshatriya HG is a monster!!

Comment by F97 X-1

Whoa!? another from seed? this is amazingly surprise me

Comment by Rekkou

Seems Astray is pretty damn popular. I’m alright with more Astray, it’s better than it’s better than SEED itself was, haha.

Comment by DarkCode

i can only recognize Blue Frame & Saviour from that picture hope the rest aren’t just some old unit with new striker pack

Comment by Rekkou

MG Exia GET!

Comment by gordon

HGUC Kshatriya – get!

Comment by julian3183

[…] I’ll just give you the link. This guy, Rocks… Superrobotwar […]

Pingback by MG Gundam Exia! « i.zgok

tha Guntank acutally looks like it have some weight to it. I hope it turns out well

Comment by realgundam

Another shitty exia gunpla?
Gee badai sure is desprate to get rid of their over stock of gundam 00 shit.

also lol at the butthurt faggots who will bawww over my facts.

Comment by Anonymous

They finally made a HGUC Nu-Gundam, a Re-GZ, and now a Jegan. Yes! Now I can build the battleship Ra-Cailum out of scratch, and make a diorama, out of it this is going to be sweet!!!!!

Comment by RX-1 Shadow Lord

i like the frame arms. Somehow they’re more appealing to me than gundams! O_O is there something wrong with me?! Is there a price for those things yet?

Comment by cool

I am a fucking idiot who is never consistent about his complaints. Who are you FAGS to whine about that!

Comment by codename:v

One can says or does many stupid things in life, but nothing is more stupid than showing blind obscession towards something without acknowledging both pros and cons, no wonder it’s easy to make suckers nowadays. Way to go Bandai!

MG Excia maybe the most detailed 00 kit to date, but overall it’s still the same old Excia kit like 3 months ago. Now just how new is that? Well since most MGs aren’t all that new, Bandai should have delay this MG release later by 6-12 months for the 00 hotair to simmer down and obscurity can add values to something that has been forgotten for a long time. This premature MG release either kills current 00 sales or heading for suicide. Worst of all, it made thousands of 00fags cry a river over their 10 versions of Excias. MG Excia is 10 times more stupid than I could imagine…

Comment by codename:v

Video 2

Gunpla ( generico) Tamiya,(Russian Tank)

Comment by Debris

[…] or something and just slotted him in there. Here he is (foreground)  in Soul of Chogokin form. Via SRW Hotnews Share and […]

Pingback by The Friday Files |

” but overall it’s still the same old Excia kit like 3 months ago… MG Excia is 10 times more stupid than I could imagine… ”
Fucking moron! It’s labeled as MG so it has inner frame and lot of better gimnicks than HG and other like HCMpro ver. Think first, say later. And say, why you bother about someone else who bought 10 differents ver of exia when you can see grampa rx-78 has more than 10 variation from all scale?

Comment by Anonymous

mmm. informative.

Comment by rc hobby

HG Kshatriya?YES!I’m so gonna buy it.^_^
codename:v Shut up.I hate people like you,MG Exia is a good thing for 00 fans and 00 is a good series and you are a hypocrite praising yet another Gouf release(how much RX-78-2 releases have been churned out over the last few years?) but calling people who like 00 and are happy about MG Exia stupid fanboys?You are a homophobic Idiot troll

Comment by Qubeley Lover

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