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MG Gundam Exia
May 15, 2009, 1:39 pm
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From GA Graphic

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A year ago, Bandai kept release Excia like hell. First a cheap easy FG, then comes HG00 1/144 followed by the HG00 1/100. Later, a recolored Trans-Am for both scales, which also followed by a large Orchis-copied kit, HCM-Pro tiny and an Avalanche MSV. A broken version was released on S2 and later a repaired version at the end of S2. Add it together, you get 10 versions of Excia and now a MG release is going to change all that.

One MG to rule them all, One MG to find them,
One MG to bring them all and in the foolishness bind them

Really, Bandai is playing the Dark Lord in world of ACG.

Comment by codename:v

Lovely GN Drive Stand and chrome blades make this kit look awesome. I am wondering if the parts are interchangeable so it can be changed from normal to repair version. Guess we’ll have to wait til July.

Comment by F97 X-1

hey CV, quit your b*tching and whining. go ask your daddy some money if you can’t buy gunpla!

faggot noob.

Comment by ,,|,,

Yeah I really want this MG, so what?

Comment by codename:v

MG Exia looks interesting enough for me to think about buying it. After I have completed my Gundam 00 HG 1/144 series. I’ll definitely buy this after(might even jump the gun and get it as soon as it’s available)

Comment by Ryuukim00

Suppose MG Exia R2 and maybe MG Astraea and Astraea F and F2 coming soon?

Wonder will the sales reckon a Perfect Grade for it (and its variants)?

Comment by iron2000


Ive got a confession to make. The origins of my 00faggotry hatred all started when I had sex with cosplayers. At first, I screamed and cryed while they corn holed my round tush. I realized who they were when they finally let me go, it was my own brother who had dressed up as Tieria. My first thoughts of embarrassment and shame, but then it grew into passion. It didn’t take me long to realize that my new found sexual orientation could not be overtly stated, so I had repressed it to the point that whenever anyone mentions 00, I project my own homo-erotic feelings onto the show, and hate it accordingly.

I apologize for being so homophobic, but this is my reason. Please love me. I need to feel superior to everyone who is objectively wrong for having an opinion.

Comment by codename:v

oh please CV, you liked it so much, but you just can’t admit it to yourself that you liked every moment of it, down to the last second. remember that adage? the more you hate, the more you love. ’nuff said.

Comment by ,,|,,

kill yourself CV, and fake CV 😀

Comment by Anonymous


I apologize for being so homophobic, but this is my reason. Please love me, please kiss me…


Comment by codename:v

I believe that these 2 CVs before my comment are fakes and from the same idiot. The real CV uses the word FAG very often if he trolls around. I didn’t know that CV has a worshiper that is willing to speak on his behalf. I’m sure CV didn’t know that too.

Comment by AdamJ

wtf is wrong with you cv

how can you complain abt faster product cycles and higher quality models?


are you such a little bitch that you will winge over everything?

whats next you’ll bicth abt how the normal release version is UNDER 4000yen? or are u just gonna nitpick about the limited edition that your poor ass can;t afford.

Comment by t0fu

wait for MG Astraea

Comment by Epsilon_013

CV Trolls, everyone responds. It’s like an embarrasing example of clockwork…

Comment by J-Lead

This is why I waited for an MG Exia to come by rather than rush out to by it. This includes fucking EVERYTHING for once and look better to boot.

Comment by J-Lead

Finally, I’ve been holding off on the 1/100 Exia’s just for this MG.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

More garbage exia gunpla

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Greg


to bad they didn’t include the r2 conversion parts

Comment by zengar

Does it evan have a opening cockpit?
Evan with a opening cockpit i still would not buy it because i’m holding out for mg legend

Comment by Joe

finally! 8D

Comment by Anonymous

I just hope that the front part of the upper leg is movable just like the Gundam MK II

Comment by Hero

I just hope that the front part of the upper leg unit is movable same as the gundam MKII 2nd version

Comment by Hero

MG exia ang 1/100 normal exia gundam the design not change too much.just the knife and GN drive nice only~~i more like 00 gundam~

Comment by hh

IS… is …. cool

Comment by Visho

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