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Super Robot Gakuen official site pre-open
May 16, 2009, 12:48 am
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Coming with DOUBLE M?!

Comment by kaminakun

Some Good New’s
it been a while Since I played
an SRW Game last one I played
SRW Z & K Were kinda of a let down
since they had no Shin or New getter Even
and Mazinkaiser

Comment by Zengar Zonvolt

Mazinger Z > Shin Mazinger >> Mazinkaiser

Comment by Anonymous

It’s not an SRW. So prepared to be let down again, Zengar Zonvolt.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Somebody, teach Japanese English language!

Comment by Rune

I’m tired of people who think that Getter and Mazinger need to have Shin and Mazinkaiser to be good.

Mazinger Z is awesome all by his lonesome. You don’t need an upgrade to that. I mean, Z himself can become either a god or a devil… what more do you want? A godkaiser or a devilkaiser? Shin Grendevikaiser? …That said, I can’t say I’m not enjoying Shin Mazinger or that I didn’t like Mazinkaiser, but, damn, sometimes the original is all you need.

I thoroughly enjoyed SRW Z and K. Z even managed to get me to respect Getter Robo G, even though I had originally hated the G (Was a much bigger fan of the original getter).

Comment by Hiro

I dunno, SRW Z was pretty enjoyable, it even scored the 1st place of the PS2 bestsellers

Comment by Nt01

And yeah, I’m preparing for disappointment for SRGakuen thing

Comment by Nt01

Boy it would be nice if people could actually grasp the concept that this isn’t a SRW game.

Comment by Vent

I know how the game style is
and I really could care less
I just want to play a new SRW series not because of the games style but because it’s been a while since a played a game that has shin getter in it along with Mazinkaiser I realy got board from the Classic Getter G and great mazinger also Mazinger Z, this might not look great but
I’m getting the Game Ether Way that is all.

Comment by Zengar Zonvolt

What Fagotry is this ?

Comment by The Spoiler

fags this is for fags, and i am fag.

Comment by Anonymous

Nyaaa ^-^

Comment by Anonymous

i am fag.

Comment by The Spoiler

no i am fag, i am the biggest fag.

Comment by Anonymous

SRW titles keep topping themselves on the faggotry scale. But I understand that this can be attributed 50% to Banco’s greedness, on trying to capitalize by reusing animation, and 50% to Terada for wanting to make a ギャルゲー, even though he denies that on the blog (meaning that he’s reserving an even worse title for the future? Only time will tell).

Comment by Anonymous

It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW. It’s not an SRW.

God, get a fucking clue.

Comment by Milkman Dan

@Vent: I guarantee you that when the game is released, there will be people that still haven’t understood it’s not an SRW, and will complain this game isn’t like SRW. You can’t help the clueless.

Comment by Milkman Dan

i am very big FAG ^~^

Comment by Milkman Dan

Nyaaa ^.^

Comment by Anonymous

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