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XN Raiser 1/144
May 17, 2009, 10:27 pm
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2 more swords?

Comment by beamknight87

the design looks different than the actual kit maybe the blades can actually be folded, but whatever with this who needs GN-Sword III?

Comment by Rekkou

I still prefer double GN Sword II and GN Sword III than this XN

Comment by Anonymous

wonder if the kit would still come witha gn sword 3 though???

Comment by Ereos

this is just an add-on for the existing 0-Raiser kits guys. as shown on the image, you need to buy either:

HG 00-Gundam + HG 0-Raiser
HG 00-Raiser
HG Transam-Raiser

Comment by valkyriepilot

Looks good to me.
Hope the two GN Buster Sword III won’t look too flat in the final product.

The design frees the twin drives for another set of 0 Raiser binders to go on.

Comment by iron2000

does the swords combine?

Comment by Mendagu

Glad to see this add-on, since I pretty much think O Raiser’ shape is not so good.
I’m going to try get this.
The back part of XN Raiser make OO more and more like Grave Ark from ACE 3…

I’m quite sure that this add-on is just O Raiser’ parts, so no GN Sword III.
And I don’t think that GN Buster Sword III can combine.

If you have another OO Raiser (or better, OO Seven Sword, but it’s not sold) you can combine XN OO Gundam with another O Raiser’ binder (or 2 GN Buster Sword II and 2 GN Cutter).
That would be:
2 beam saber+4 GN Sword II+GN Sword III+2 GN Cutter+2 GN Buster Sword II+2 GN Buster Sword III,
making a OO Gundam Thirteen Swords! o.O
Not going to be useful though. -_-

If the name was SN Raiser, it would be “OO Sunriser”. XD

Comment by pled

They tease us with the 00 7Swords when season 2 started and now they fling this in our face too?!

Honestly, what are the chances of a 1/100 XN Raiser? 😦

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

whoa! xn raiser actually looks cooler than i thought. those gn buster sword III’s look promising. made me felt a little better about not buying trans am raiser. now i really got to get an o raiser for my 00 before i get this one. hopefully it won’t be out of stock by that time.

Comment by flamerounin

just an FYI for all, online hobby shops like Rainbow Ten or HLJ usually get stocks of hobby mags 1 month or more earlier than announced release date, so you might wanna have this secured as early as september or even august, since it’s for the october issue.

Comment by valkyriepilot

Yeah, isn’t it already said that it will out at August 25th in that picture?

Chance of 1/100 XN Raiser… I think it’s pretty low, consider there are hardly any variation kit from side project that created other than Astrays and Exia.
Well, I’m not a high-up at Bandai, so I wouldn’t know.

Comment by pled

i think they would release it.. they did release exia avalanche. why not an extra mode of raiser?

Comment by lelouchcross

aw damn the swords looks badass

Comment by Anonymous

The kit itself does NOT come with GN sword III

Comment by Andy

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