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New kit reviews: Fairlion Type-S 1/144
May 19, 2009, 12:47 am
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Last update: May 26th 2009




Aoi Model Shop


– ホビーの虜




Blog-Like Yard Review


Hi-Res boxart


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Latooni deserves a better mech than this girly junk.

Comment by Keet

Latooni, who is, well, a girly girl… ‘deserves better’ than a mecha specifically designed for her..?

Don’t tell me you’d give her, like, a Valsion.

Comment by Hiro

Vasion kai to correct you hiro

Comment by MaxHD2490

I think Fairlion fits Latooni so much, Valsione is too tomboyish for her

Comment by Anonymous

I agree with Anonymous for Latooni to pilot the Fairlion

Comment by MaxHD2490

Sorry for break the fun environment, but SD Gundam G Generation Wars on Famitsu website:

Only an update from the book scan (the one that updated few weeks ago on previous forum)

Comment by judo0054

Forgot to mention few words. According to pics of the website that had been commented few minutes ago, my guess for the “story line” style –> SD Gundam G Generation Neo

Comment by judo0054

Latooni is a genius, I don’t care if she is a girly girl, give her a kick-ass unit.

Comment by Keet

I thought the whole point of Latooni was she kicks so much ass… you give her ANY mech, and she will own. XD

Comment by Nameless

Yeah I agree on that, so in staid of letting Latooni controling two of these things at the same time (fuck you Prinses Shine), she could be in a more complicated but better unit than the Fairlion.

Comment by Keet

It’s just happen to be her prefer mech.

Comment by LM

Or, you know, you could just let her play to her strengths. She is a tiny little girl who is good at dodging and hey, that is exactly what the Fairlion is.

It’s really not hard. Also, if you don’t like it, you can swap her out into the Ashsaber or Mironga or what have you.

Comment by Hiro

they could’ve left the Wildraubtier available in OGS. I can totally see her using it to perform a double tk knuckle with Ryusei, using only her hax piloting skills to compensate for the obsolete hardware and lack of psychic powers.

Comment by Conny

…Wildraubtier IS in OGs. In OG1, OG2, AND 2.5. O_o

Comment by Nameless

Some guy in /m/ mention about girly mechs are only made purely for fanservice purpose and plain shallow, which is clearly stated in the Fairlion. I don’t think lolicon work well with mecha fighting and the Fairlions’ combo scenes are nothing more but KTV for children, why must mecha fighting reduced to such retarded state? The Fairlion should be confined to indoor as porcelain dolls and minors shouldn’t be fighting like they have no future but warfare. Look at what happened to Setsuna, he grows up GAY for Gundams.

Really, Bandai should remove retards like Mizushima and Terada

Comment by codename:v

Hmm… interesting. V responds to this after it has a decent number of posts. I think our boy here wants attention. =D

Too bad you lack execution and style. Quoting from a random person from /m/ is very uncool now a days (let alone a lack of citation). Everything else you said… can be easily picked apart if we compare it to UC Gundam. Still, it’s very sad that V is losing his touch. I thought because he stopped using the F word, he’d be a better troll. Now he’s no better than the other V who likes to spam.

Comment by Nameless

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