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SD Gundam G Generation Wars new screens
May 19, 2009, 7:33 pm
Filed under: Game, Gundam posted several screens from their mag report.


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Looks nice so far, I like the part with gundam x fireing his satellite cannon ^^

Comment by MaxHD2490

This game looks great, i can’t wait to know the release date.

Comment by daichi

Wasn’t the release date listed on the previous set of scans?

Comment by Anonymous

Niiiicee~!! *___*

Comment by Rune

Patrick Corlasawar!

Comment by Shun

So which button for soft reset?

Comment by Anonymous

Fuck so good to be true Fuck cant wait for this game

Comment by Anonymous

what its mean by “Free Command”,,, kinda like a quick save and load?

Comment by ottoto

I’m assuming that “Free Command” means you can freely assign functions to the buttons that you want.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Fucking Amazing Indeed what a wonderfull game. So good

Comment by Thai Gundam

Another update for SD Gundam G Generation Wars (update from famitsu):

– “GameSystem”
– “Unit List” –> 14 units


I’ve posted on another forum (

Comment by judo0054

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