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May 22, 2009, 10:49 am
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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED VS Astray coming in 2009


Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn animation


Robot Spirist <Side KMF>


Robot Spirist <Side MS>


Soul of Popinika PX-04 Hover Pileder Mazinger Z – June, 5,775 yen

Robot Spirist <Side LFO>





 SDX Satan Gundam, Command Gundam and Superior Dragon


G.F.F.N. Aile Strike Gundam


XN Raiser come with Hobby Japan Mag October.

(on sale August 25th, price 1,290 yen)


Kotobukiya – Super Aestivalis – September, 2,310 yen

Aoshima -M9 Gernsback Sagara Sosuke Ver. 1/48 – July, 3,990 yen

Bandai – Soul of Chogokin Spec XS-12 Tekkaman Blade with Pegas – July


Rayleonard 03-Aaliyah Surrplis (Fight Night Ver.) – June, 4,620 yen

Vanguard Overed Boost 1/72 – August, 2,940 yen

[SRW OG] Fairlion Type-S – May, 3,675 yen

[SRW OG] Personlichkeit – June, 5,775 yen

Linebarrel Over Drive – June, 4,725 yen


TRV-06k-H Viper II (Ver.1P) 1/100 – September, 5,040 yen

RVR-87 Specineff (DNA SIDE) 1/100 – June, 6,090 yen

RVR-75 Raiden II (RNA SIDE) 1/100 – August, 8,190 yen

TG-11-M Guarayakha 1/100


VF-25S Armored Messiah Valkyrie (Ozama Custom) 1/72 – June, 8,400 yen

VF-25F Armored Messiah Valkyrie (Alto Custom) 1/72 – June, 8,400 yen


MG Gundam Exia – July, 3,990 yen

MG Gundam Exia (Ignition Mode) – July, 5250 yen


MG G-Armor (Real Type Color) – June, 10,290 yen

MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 “White Ogre” – June, 3,885 yen

Bandai Pro-Shop MG Gundam Ver. 2.0 Mechanical Clear Ver. (Limited) – June, 4,410 yen


HG 0 Gundam – June, 1,260 yen

HG Gundam Exia R2- June, 1,260 yen


HG Susanowo – June, 1,575 yen

Cherudim, Arios, Seravee Designer’s Color Ver. 1/100

HGUC Ewac-Zack – June, 1,680 yen

Gundam Astray Gold Frame 1/100- June, 4,200 yen


HGUC Hi-nu Gundam – June, 2,310 yen


HG Gundam RX-78-2 (NEW) 30th Anniversary- July, 1,260 yen


Mobile Suit Gundam 00V: GNZ-001 GRM Gundam


Mobile Suit Gundam 00 lineart


MS IgLoo 2 lineart


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Ugh, GRM Gundam looks like the offspring of Zeta and Superior Gundam beaten by the ugly stick too many times.

Comment by thepyro

Man! GRM Gundam really awesome now i must buy another Gadessa for a scratch built!

Comment by Rekkou

GRM gundam???looks alike gadessa is this the prototype of gadessa???

Comment by anaheim_engineer

I like the GRM Gundam… now if the designers would get a little more ballsy and design a Gundam that would make the fanboys rage even more… like not tacking on a V-fin or giving it the ‘Gundam Head’.

Comment by PuppetChaos

It seems that GRM Gundam is a missing link between Plutone and the GNZ series, it once mentioned that GNZ series are made based on Plutone so yes its some sort of Gadessa’s prototype

Comment by Anonymous

Is the GRM Gundam a prototype of Gadessa?
also I’m wondering how come the Gadessa didn’t include the shield like the GRM?

Comment by MaxHD2490

Mother Fucking Shit the GRM Gundam is Awesome. Jaw Dropping Indeed

Comment by Thai Gundam

And it has to be GUNDAM, so you can be GUNDAM by having GUNDAM words written over your forehead?

Seriously, having a Gundam face hidden beneath a mask and getting its name changed are nothing more but pretentious faggotry acts. Why must a Regnant has a Gundam Face hidden inside that bucket covering its head? If Gadessa and Garozzo are production models from this GRM, then why the hidden Gundam face? Easy, it has to be GUNDAM, it can’t be something else because the Gundamfags would throw fits if it’s not GUNDAM. Everything mecha to them is GUNDAM-the epitome of mecha as generally perceived for, some robot spirits they portray there.

Comment by codename:v

enough already codename:V

Comment by kadej

Hey guys, did you know I’m getting a sex change tomorrow?

Comment by codename:v

Whoever you are everybody knew you aren’t V, and i know you’ll keep doing this as long V comes out with comment to irritates him, but in the truth is you’re simply annoying everyone here and more of an eyesore than V

Comment by Anonymous

GRM Gundam looks like a Garrazo and 0Gundam put together
with a hint of the back of Zeta on the GRM back
it looks ugly to me but woo
Lancelot Albion looks nice!
when would Guren with energy wings come

btw how are the virtual on modls like???

black nirvash looks sweet

Comment by Ereos

Looks like there’s a lot of spam here, gotta tread lightly.

Well I like the GRM, it’s different for a Gundam design with out being really drastic, like say the Psycho Gundam MK II. I’ve always felt that was an odd looking Gundam.

Comment by Bolinoak

I think what V said actually works the other way, why put a gundam face to non gundam unit and didn’t named it gundam? i think they wanted to tell that it takes more than a face to become a gundam, Turn-A is a proof for it

Comment by Rekkou

[…] Lancelot Albion comrade JS hav order this ^w^ for larger resolution for moar robot damashii go here […]

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I’m definitely seeing some Zeta influence from the GRM. It looks okay I think, but nothing particularly stellar.

I’m really glad that Bandai’s doing this SDX line, and that they’re releasing Superior Dragon. Having watched SD Gundam Gaiden, this is really nostalgic for me and I’ll be picking it up for sure.

Comment by D-kun

Comment by bye

“I don’t really like how this animated Unicorn turned out to be, traced linearts can barely show the awesomeness of the Unicorn’s NT-D form and I don’t see why won’t Bandai use 3D models with toonshader since they aren’t as detailed and skillful as Miyazaki’s Ghiblis”

“Cleaned for animation” Thats the only difference, and considering Sunrise’s incredibly low standards for animation lineart, this is actually pretty decent. Besides, we have yet to see how good it looks in the anime.

BTW that FIX Strike actually looks rather nice. Not to 1/60th busy and complicated, but also not too Okawara fat. It’s one of the few designs from SEED I kind of liked. Maybe I’ll pick it up if I got the money next time I visit Chinatown…

Comment by J-Lead

I surprised the comments section hasn’t been disabled yet, seeing that it’s full of of troll post and obvious underage aged fags.

Comment by Anonymous

What is it with you fucking asians and you’re terrible undeveloped sense of humor and English skills? Retarded, the lot of you!

Comment by Anonymous

IP ban!

I will unlock your IP next week.

Please, don’t troll again.

Comment by superrobotwar

and yet, codename v is still allowed to comment

Comment by Anonymous

yeah, that really is quite baffling.

Comment by thepyro

V. has strong opinions but not offensive.
The anonymous @ 2:19am did say something offensive, so he deserve to be ip banned.

Comment by Kosmos

“V. has strong opinions but not offensive.
The anonymous @ 2:19am did say something offensive, so he deserve to be ip banned.”

I’m sorry, everytime V calls people fags because they apparently cant read should be logged but instead he gets away with it everytime.

Comment by Anonymous

Please ban the guy above me

Comment by Anonymous

Yahoo. Nice One. Please Can I have a new unicorn now. my Gosh the GRM Gundam is not that good.

Comment by Thai Gundam

[…] #split {}#single {}#splitalign {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}#singlealign {margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;}.linkboxtext {line-height: 1.4em;}.linkboxcontainer {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;background-color:#eeeeee;border-color:#000000;border-width:0px; border-style:solid;}.linkboxdisplay {padding: 7px 7px 7px 7px;}.linkboxdisplay td {text-align: center;}.linkboxdisplay a:link {text-decoration: none;}.linkboxdisplay a:hover {text-decoration: underline;} function opensplitdropdown() { document.getElementById('splittablelinks').style.display = ''; document.getElementById('splitmouse').style.display = 'none'; var titleincell = document.getElementById('titleincell').value; if (titleincell == 'yes') {document.getElementById('splittitletext').style.display = 'none';} } function closesplitdropdown() { document.getElementById('splittablelinks').style.display = 'none'; document.getElementById('splitmouse').style.display = ''; var titleincell = document.getElementById('titleincell').value; if (titleincell == 'yes') {document.getElementById('splittitletext').style.display = '';} } MBF-P05LM Gundam Astray Uchiha Frame[WIP]SD Hyper Bazooka part 2Gundam Review: 1/144 HG GundogThis month’s Hobby Magazine […]

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