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Full scans this month’s hobby magazine
May 26, 2009, 12:44 am
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Hobby Japan 7月 (July) 2009

Download (Megaupload, file size 90Mb)

Mirror download links


Model Graphix 7月 (July) 2009

Download (Megaupload, file size 48Mb)

Mirror download links

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thank you

Comment by garren

thanks for upload!

Comment by Anonymous

I’m curious, do you make Gundam ACE torrent even they aren’t Chinese issues anymore?

Comment by codename:v

Yay… Thank’s bro ^^

Comment by tom

woo,thanks.need my fix ^^

Comment by C.R.


Comment by Dman

any download for namipan?

Comment by slotgerumeru

Hi, I just have one little quation?
is this the one that have XN Raiser parts come this with?

Comment by srwax


Thanks from Argentina!

Comment by Leomb

tnx again

Comment by chongo

Yep it is, at there is already a person who post his colored XN Raiser, which means XN Raiser is already available for public

Comment by Rekkou

oops sorry the XN Raiser comes with october issue, which makes me wonder how this guy manage to obtain his XN Raiser

Comment by Rekkou

incredible, too people from Argentina (myself and the one that posted before) in this blog? I guess it’s a small virtual world after all

Comment by ryanvamp

XN Raiser come with Hobby Japan Mag October.

(on sale August 25th, price 1,290 yen)

Comment by superrobotwar

Yes. I am Italian.

Beautiful magazines. In Model Graphix is manga the master Miyazaki.

Very Happy.

thanks for upload SRW ( PREMIUM!!!)

Gundam Ace china has been closed

Comment by Debris

[…] hotnews ha messo on line ieri notte il ricchissimo numero di Hobby Japan Magazine 07 che abbiamo descritto alcuni giorni […]

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thanks guys, guess I just have to wait for October one

Comment by srwax

Thanks for sharing this, SRW! 😉

Comment by T.V.

Oh my no more namipan link…MU too slow for my region now.. 😦 Oh well, going to try the mirror links 1st. 🙂

Comment by sbhboi

Why are they in the .cbr format? It’s a magazine, not a comic book. That just makes it more of a pain in the ass than it should be.

Nice contribution, though.

Comment by J-Lead

awesome man! but could you post 1 & 4 on some other site? too big for free rapidshare

just rename the extension from .cbr to .rar and you can unpack them with winrar

Comment by Aulon

thank you very much !! i’m very appreciate it..because is so hard to get this very cool hobby magazine in my country especially in my town..again thank you very much

Comment by Saruman

once again thank you SRW for providing me with my monthly fix! 🙂

Comment by bonny

thanks this post. I made some adjustments

Comment by Тимур

thank you, this information is very interesting ..

Comment by radixal

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