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Linebarrel Overdrive 1/144 boxart
May 27, 2009, 9:37 am
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AH don’t tease >_<! a mode-B overdrive is what I'm waitin for.y'know when I see these kits, I wish the ZOE designed mechs would get a model kit treatment.garagekits just don't do it.

Comment by C.R.

looks awesome with the boxart

Comment by ReinaMK1

(I wish the ZOE designed mechs would get a model kit treatment)

Oh, how unfortunate because Hideo Kojima of Konami wouldn’t let Bandai or any small half-ass garagekit companies like Koto and Hasegawa to spam his ZOE Orbital Frames. Same goes for SquareEnix’s FrontMission Wanzers because they want to preserve their royalty. It’s all about face-saving, stupid

Comment by codename:v

Forgot to say that I am a pussy.

Comment by codename:v

Ohh Please!!
Another brave like series !!
The model kit looks cool, but the tv series is a complete let down.

Comment by The Spoiler

Just to let you FAGS know, I will be at Daicon over the weekend of July 12 and 13 in Kuala Lumpur. Please come by and beat me into a bloody pulp.

Comment by codename:v

cv, the most i will never see your comments if you get murder. ^^

Comment by starboykb

i mean most “fear”

Comment by starboykb

want it so bad but i’ll pass till i have some decent painting skill and i don’t think garage kit is a half ass industry, each garage kit i saw is result from a pursuit of perfection

Comment by Rekkou

Who care about ‘c:v the fag’ being at Daicon.

He’s probably a skinny ass ugly fag who can’t get any pussy, and venting himeself everywhere just to get his kicks.

Hope I don’t see you at Daison, I don’t wanna see your ugly ass face.

Comment by codename:virgin

y’know, the purpose of a request or wish is to state the thereof,not state the reason why or why not or state the do so would probably appear more stupid.then again,so would going around “blog trolling” and bashing everything on impulse.for a guy who names himself after an alan moore charcter,i would think such witless and weak comments wouldn’t be associated with such a name.guess someone just watched a movie and thought it was cool to name themselves on a whim.

Comment by C.R.

V, post your photo so i would not end up with miss-killing person.

Comment by Anonymous

wTF? you gonna make me to search you? I knew you’re just a big loser chicken that never show your direct identity. petok…petok…

Comment by Anonymous

I AM FAG ^~^

Comment by Anonymous

you shoud be ashamed of your self Anonymous ^.^

Comment by codename:Z


Comment by Anonymous

I want to suck you cock. You can fuck me in the ass!

Comment by C.R

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