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Personlichkeit boxart
May 29, 2009, 12:50 am
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Personlichkeit plastic kit 1/144 from Kotobukiya.

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very organic feel and good boxart

Comment by ReinaMK1

to be honest it not too appealing
the graphics of it… seems really lame for it…
im sure they can do much better but the model itself is a WOW!

Comment by Ereos

Yet another ugly looking mech from Kotor and NK thought the SIC Majin gives him nightmares, wait till he get a load of this…

Floating masks are totally useless without a pair of bodies to reanimate that butcher scene in the game, I doubt Kotor did ever play OGS. Change of face isn’t sufficient to make this plamo stand out from the ordinary and this is no different from the previous OGS kits Kotor failed to bring out the essenses.

This plamo can barely pass the sledgehammer test and probably be smashed to smithereens by the hammer too. It’s just too shallow for my taste and I find it an eyesore as well, guess I would just wait for the ART-1 better

Comment by codename:v

hooo… you like art-1? o thought you hate srw mech og mech because it is full of redesign and “copy-paste” from other mecha like you always said with your fag word

Comment by Anonymous

The box art for Cybuster is still one of my favorites, even Sladegelmir wasn’t bad. I feel like it’s poor background, or the awkwardness of the pose. Something about this piece conveys cheaply done CGI.

Comment by BlueAleseides

they should have work better with the lighting and give it a more evil look

Comment by realgundam

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