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Review Robot Spirist 0 Gundam
May 29, 2009, 2:21 pm
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Beautiful! O_o

Comment by Anonymous

Yet another pretentious fag with bad taste in mechas. The 0 Gundam has to be the worst design from Okawara to date and it is nothing more but a cheap rehash of the old RX-78. Some robot spirit you faggots got there

Comment by codename:v

Wow codename: v, you sure seem like an angry person. Well whatever, each to there own. But a least you could be more polite about your distaste for it don’t you think?

Anyway, ignoring him. I like it. I’ve never really liked the look of O Gundam, it being the original Gundam redesigned. But then I saw it in action in the show I loved the symbolism it represented. It’s great if you ask me.

And looking at these pictures I have to say this is a great figure. So much articulation!

Comment by Bolinoak

Better u see the real one. I don’t full 100% trust in picture. Usually when u see the real one, u will say blehhhh….. the paint ain’t neat. >.<

Comment by m4jin

All gundam figure are all like that. Even GFF, that’s why i cancelled to buy GFF GP04-AGX-004

Comment by Anonymous

stfu c:v

your pretentious comments just clearly shown what a hiprocrite u r

Comment by codename:virgin

What can you really say? It’s basically the Gundam but running on 00’s technology instead of UC technology. All I really have to say is that it has a better foot design than the original, and the proportions (Longer legs and a shorter torso) make it look nicer, but it is still essentially the RX-78-2.

Comment by Hiro

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