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Scans Front Mission Evolved
May 29, 2009, 7:22 pm
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The latest issue of Official XBOX magazine reveals Front Mission Evolved.

Developer: Double Helix Games
Publisher: Square Enix, Inc.
Platforms: PLAYSTATION 3/Xbox 360/Windows PC
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
ESRB: Not Yet Rated
Ship Date: TBA

Official site:

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OK,so they’re trying to appeal to westerners by turning a SRPG into a third person shooter.Let the fanboy uprising begin

Comment by Greg

Kinda like offline version of FM online, with cooler graphic off course, but yikes Zenislev with missile + pile bunker + Gatling gun!?

Comment by Rekkou

Apparently there’s an official website now.

Comment by Wanzer

As technology evolves with time, the need for more players involvement in virtual gaming grow as geek enthusiasism demands for it. Which is why you can find so many MMORPGs both online and cybercafes where people find solace and escape from reality to their virtual world where they feel belong. Game actions, storyplots and attractive graphics are so that it may ties you into game in some way but there are times when MMORPG developers has take things too far-fetched by creating virtual marriages for level boosting, which just plain silly considering both “married” players can be of the same sexes. That is why faggots at 4chan has habits of making jpeg characters as their “waifu” and “husbando”. So how many of you here made SRWOG characters your imaginary waifus/husbandos? No wonder Banpresto has more SRW hentai materials than mechas and SRW should change its title to SHW (Super Hentai Wars) or SFW (Super Faggots War)

You have to admit: 3rd person shooting game is a lot more fun than key-in commands RPGs. Front Mission Online offers what no rpgs can offer: RAW Action feel of piloting your own wanzer. Xbox360 which has online networking so this “Evolved” Front Mission is just right for Western users to engage or team up with each other, pretty much a sure-win game.

Comment by codename:v

I’m glad it’s a shooter, I didn’t feel like getting an Xbox360.

Comment by Milkman Dan

STFU codename:v, there are ppl out there who would prefer SRPG of Front Mission over 3rd person shooter.

And it has always been hard for any mecha erd person shooter to sell well in US. All the Gundam games didn’t fare so well, and even US produced Mechwarrior series didn’t hold up too good either. So Front Mission Evolved?? Good luck.

And codename:v….. you are really a fag.

Comment by codename:virgin

I actually totally agree with codename:v on one thing here; turn-based RPGs never made sense to me, and don’t give me that “oh you’re just a western gamer, you wouldn’t understand” bullshit. It’s a neat concept once in awhile, and it’s actually done pretty well in the Front Mission series, but the problem with the whole turn-based ordeal is the fact that it has zero sense of immersion. It doesn’t let your mind escape the reality that you’re playing a video game, and a good video game, as corny as this sounds, should immerse you into the delusion that you are the character you’re playing as, not controlling him/her from some weird plane of existance that barks out commands into the characters’ minds. Shooters, and even shooter RPGs like Fallout 3, as much as JRPG apologists like to accuse them of all being the same, are typically much better at accomplishing that sense of immersion. We’ll see how Evolved turns out…

Comment by J-Lead

Why is the Pile Bunker so big?

Comment by Greg

Most people shouldn’t need to cry about the direction Front Mission has taken, seeing that the Series was Technically over in Scars of the War. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this game.

Comment by Anonymous

I like SRPG a lot. I agree with codename:virgin…that 3rd person shooter is not replacement for SRPG version of Front Mission.

Comment by Darrel C.

Well this FM sure wants to try like the other FM in our old console, Playstation 1. If i don’t wrong the title is FM Alternative. The only new here is u can explore place by your own foot and of course graphics.
I hope square don’t make any dull game like the last one. >.<

Comment by m4jin

3rd person & Strategy is a different genre, but if its in the same game then its a different things too, FM being 3rd person game doesn’t means the game aren’t meant for the old school FM fans, FM evolved will sell good to the old fans because its simply FM, i like G Gen and still play Gundam Musou

Comment by Rekkou

Disregard my last post.

I suck Unlimited cocks.

Comment by codename:virgin


Comment by codename:v

I know I know…my arts sucks. And I suck…

Comment by codename:v

About time

Comment by realgundam

Err… I have to disagree with the idea that Front Mission being a 3rd person shooter. Don’t get me wrong, I love third person mech games. However, in Front Mission’s case… they never really were the third person one player type. After all, you’re basically a walking tank that has to fight other walking tanks (in most cases, them always outnumbering you). I can only imagine how much more speed they can give a Wanzer before it becomes a Gundam Musou or make them realistically slow and dull. Not to mention, Wanzer seemed more like mechs that work better as a team rather than going solo

Still, the franchise has gone practically nowhere as a SRPG (as much as I loved Front Mission 1 and 3). The only I can see this game as being something awesome would be if they stressed less on enemy grunts (in other words, make interesting boss fights) and fun platforming. Otherwise, you can thank Sony to effing up Front Mission… again.

Comment by Nameless

So the gameplay for this new FM game is going to be like the Armored Core Series, with added rpg elements?

Comment by wateva

I love the FM SRPG. but honestly, online is more fun with real time action. I appreciate the new game, i hope they put it out on the PS3 though.

also, I want to see a new FM SRPG as well. even for the PSP.

I think its a good idea to have this real time combat style FM. I appreciated both SRW and the Real Robots Final Attack and ACE series. Variety make me happy. =D

and here’s my obligatory “desu”.

Comment by [Ex-S]Coffee

holy shit do any of you speak english

Comment by Dais

i’m not sure what to think about this… if it were some sort of mmorpg, i think i’d be a bit more excited. from the sound of it, it just seems to be going the route of armored core and chromehounds (which aren’t bad of course). the series was always defined by it’s srpg elements mixed with mecha.
i’ll still buy it anyways.

Comment by xanderprime

Every message I have seen has been in English. Were the previous messages in something else?

Comment by Ronin

Comment by not

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