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Full Armor Unicorn Gundam HQ Scans
June 1, 2009, 1:11 am
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From Gundam Ace Magazine July 2009.


From Gundam Ace Magazine May 2009.


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Comment by Anonymous

Full Armor really means Full Armor, so dazzling.

Comment by Anonymous

I prefer Jesta cannon’s additional armament as Unicorn’s FA it looks more simple and versatile

Comment by Rekkou

talk about over kill, that bazooka alone has 3 extra attachments on it.
its more like Heavy Weapons System (HWS) than full armor.

Comment by Anonymous

Love unicorn stuff. Just loves it!

Gonna collect them all.

Cheers everyone!

Comment by codename:v

This is not the first time for Gundam’s show of overkill, there are other examples of sheer Gundam overkill attics:

7th Gundam FA form
Big Rang
Ex-S DeepStriker
DoubleX with G-Falcon

Almost all mecha animes has overkills, especially super robots from tokusentais and brave saga are made of pure overkill too with so many thing attached to them. I think the GurrenLagaan is the biggest overkill in mecha anime history, this FA Unicorn is nothing compared to that. So why are you faggots complaining about? I thought you always like overkills?

FA should stands for Full ARMS instead of Armor since no armors were added to this horse, blame it on the Japaneses level of ingrishu. Seeing the GN drive in this one? Well it just means that your knowledge of Gundam is only limited to 00 and that shows that you are shallow.

And did you know that Riddy Marcenas is now the new pilot for the Banshee? Really FAGS DON’T READ

Comment by codename:v

Quite agree with Full ARMS though.

Comment by LM



Comment by Anonymous

I’m not a fan of how the new armaments stack so tall vertically… Hmn, it looks like the placement of the attachments means that it won’t have to eject all the crap added onto those bazookas before using them.

Comment by Hiro

Very beautiful..

[OT]Big Rang model ??? Sorry silly curiosity

Comment by Debris

[…] questi giorni festivi per noi grande abbondanza di notizie sulla rete,fra queste SRW hotnews ha messo on line due interessanti immagini riferite al romanzo illustrato Gundam Unicorn estratte da riviste […]

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What a bunch of faggots.

Comment by Anonymous

will the new Unicorn be release in MG scale? I’m totally in love with it……..

Comment by Kelvin

yo CV those guys wasn’t complaining about the FA Unicorn Gundam being overkill.
that one guy said its more like its more like HWS than FA since they only missiles, bazooka and crap on it and barley added extra armor. and the other guy said he prefers the Jesta armament than the FA Unicorn cause its more simple and versatile. which i agree cause the FA Unicorn looks kinda heavy, less mobility, and crap.
i agree with you about it being called Full ARM which sound preety cool. either that or HWS.

and also that FAGS DONT READ comment, your also in that category. i bet you only read the parts dont like and type an insulting comment without take 2 mins to understand what they ment or whatever

Comment by Gio

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