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More review for Fairlion Type-S 1/144
June 1, 2009, 2:14 pm
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Gespenst Gebäude


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I dunno about you faggots, on one hand you are bragging about hotbloodiness and manhood like you are GAY; on the other hand, you are going MOE and PEDO over some underage lolicons like Latoouni, Schion and some Einst lovechild. What is really wrong with you faggots anyway? Really, otakus are embarrassments

Comment by codename:v

yet you’re an otaku….

Comment by Ereos


I didn’t want to say it because it was TOO easy. Thank you for saying it instead. XD

Comment by Nameless

Grrrr why are you guys picking on me??? Did I say something to offend you???

Comment by codename:v

>> codename:v


Comment by Saito

Sorry again, my outbursts are only the result of my own sexual frustrations.

Today, I shall do my brother. No longer shall I let him do me up the ass! It is now his turn!

Comment by codename:v

I don’t know about you faggots, but I don’t do my fag! I only do my cousins.

Comment by codename:v

I hope c:v is happy, he caused Ngee Khiong site to take out the comment box, probably due to c:v’s ranting.

Comment by redemer

@redemer : sure. because my objective is archieved. said FAG word in every blog i visit until it closed the comment box

Comment by codename:v

I KNEW IT >_<…those comments were becoming more non-related comments than not anyways.shame,still.least it eliminates the abilities to see those negative comments anymore.content can just content now.

Comment by C.R.

can just be content now*

Comment by C.R.


^That’s the face I imagine codename:v is making every time he writes something.

Comment by Anonymous

Geez that c:v guy is really an ass. What he did at NK is really poor taste. No matter how knowlegdable he is with gundam matters, his immaturity takes away all his credits.

Comment by Nick R.

He only talks fags don’t read kind of thing also you see his one of his art which is very provoking

Comment by ReinaMK1

(cv is not going to like it)

Comment by ReinaMK1

Who cares if he likes it or not. Is good that we didn’t see him posting today. Keeping this blog clean.

Hope he grows our of his immaturity.

Comment by Nick R.

Still don’t like it.

Comment by Keet

This is fag ^~^

Comment by codename:Z

V will always be the way he is. The only way he learns is if his country strips him of his internet. XD

Comment by Nameless

I love to fuck my mother’s big ass ^^

Comment by Nameless

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