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(Update) Bandai hobby sales catalogue July-September 2009
June 2, 2009, 6:14 pm
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Soul of Chogokin Big-O – September, 13,440 yen


Robot Spirist <Side MS> Alvaaron – September, 2,500 yen
Robot Spirist <Side MS> Alvaaron DX the core of Alvatore – September, 3,800 yen


Robot Spirist <Side AS> ARX-7 Arbalest – September, 3,200 yen



HG Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R – July, 1,800 yen



HG Arios Gundam GNHW/M – August, 1,800 yen


SHCM Pro RX-78 Gundam ((Real Type Color Ver.) – August,  8,190 yen


Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z (Plastic model) – August,  2,940 yen



HG Goddes – August , 1,600 yen


HGUC Jegan – August , 1,575 yen


MG Gundam Exia – July, 3,800 yen


MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode – July, 5,000 yen




HG RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.G 30th – July, 1,260 yen



SD 0 Gundam (Operational Mode) – August, 600 yen



SD RX-78-2 Gundam (Animation Color) – July, 800 yen



SD Gundam Exia Repair II – August, 800 yen


Robot Spirist <Side MS> Masurao – July


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Come to me delicious MG Exia!

Comment by F97 X-1

the pricing for SHCM rx-78 is ridiculous!! 😦

Comment by Ereos

man, this upcoming arbalest is so much more nicer to the wallet.hope it comes out well.I’d really liked to see the venom type AS given some figure treatment.anyone knows if there’s any chance in hell that those 00 heavy weapon packs might be released seperately instead of included in full kits?

Comment by C.R.

i just wanna see what weaponry is included with the arbalest

Comment by Ereos

The extra armament is made on a different mold, so its really easy for Bandai to release their separate pack and if Bandai release it i’m sure GN-Sword III will be in it as well.

Comment by Rekkou

I hope’d also eliminate the need for me to even bother considering buying another 00 raiser just to complete it.(although, I kinda want the xn raiser so having another 00 would complete 2 sets).
From the pics, it kinda looks like the arx-7 can part swap for the lambda driver.that and it looks like it has a spot for the shotgun and armor schnider*.I’m sure the sculpts will do well.nothing can be worse than the old kotobukiya kits.they were…well,bad.

Comment by C.R.

One thing can be sure of, Robot Damashii is full of crappy designs and serve nothing more but action figures for the sloths.

Take this Alvaroon for example, this bling is the second worst mecha design from 00 with poor details and low articulations. A Damashii Regnant and Masurao would only add more crappiness to this 00 fiasco.

Banging on cool factor and ongoing hot-air aren’t going to show the true essence of Robot Spirit, Katoki’s catchphrase is merely a joke with this shallow Damashii toyline. Even a plamo has more spirit than this childplay. Robot spirits? HA!

Comment by codename:v

codename:v = poor pig 🙂

Comment by codename:v

my only complaint about the Robot Spirits line is that they never seem to give a mecha ALL it’s gimmicks.

KMFs are missing factspheres and slash harkens, though Albion will indeed have the latter.

Comment by Rayearth


Comment by Cesare

Didn’t even notice the Big O chogokin. Looks nice, but the price is painful.

Comment by Hiro

Ooo SD models… gotta get em. ^^~

reserved at HLJ.

Comment by codename:v

All about one and so it is infinite

Comment by PeterMontee

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