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MG Gundam Exia Ignition Mode
June 3, 2009, 2:38 am
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Display base for GN Drive.


LED for GN Drive.


Sword parts are metallic coated.


Gundam Exia Repair parts.


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Preordered like the motherfucking fist of the north star.

Comment by F97 X-1

Sorry for interrupt the fun (as always ^—^). It’s not a part of SRW and SD Gundam series, but there is an update for “Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes” (only for a date update) –> date for Fall 2009 –> 08/06/2009 (if I did not read wrong). That’s all Sorry for everything


Comment by judo0054

so without ignition mode. R2 not include

Comment by gun

No posting from c:v today (what he did caused Nhee Khiong to close the comment boxes). Perhaps he finally feeling remorse.

Comment by Remorse

Exia MG must be good model kit for those who prefer MG or not

Comment by ReinaMK1

Clock Up!

Comment by Anonymous

Built-in LEDs, S2 broken parts and shiny GN swords, now isn’t this the one kit that rules all 10? Really, it doesn’t take 10 plamo releases to make a Gundam awesome. One will do and now Bandai makes 00 fags feel like idiots with their previous 10 Excias. So much for falling prey to Bandai cash-milking traps. Even the 00 Riser set cannot match this and that I always prefer master grades

Comment by codename:v

^cool story bro, it’s not like you have money to buy one 😛

Comment by Anonymous

codename:v = poor pig

Comment by codename:v

codename:v = poor pig :p

Comment by codename:v

So getting Ignition Mode. I don’t care about R2 parts so this one’s got all I need want. And this is why I put off kit buying until the end of a series.

Comment by anon

Auto get!

Comment by julian3183

cool but i wont buy it. the only parts that caught my attention its only the GN sword with chrome parts(ill just order the runners). the gundam itself looks like a minor modd to the 1\100 release. i will wait for the OO gundam instead, since i think the 1\100 of that kit wasnt impressive

Comment by siegmund

CV: there’s no avalance parts, so 1 mg exia still can’t beat all spams exia kits except for color spam. fag. Poor pig

Comment by Anonymous

Your posting have added my reference. thanks.

Comment by admin

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