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June 3, 2009, 4:16 pm
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Last update: June 7th

Updated HQ scans for SD Gundam G Generation Wars.


SD Gundam G Generation Wars (Wii/PS2)

Release date: August 6th 2009


Front Mission Evolved (PS3/XB360/PC)


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Front Mission.

Comment by Anonymous

G Generation Wars is on Wii too eh? Front Mission may be pretty good.

Comment by F97 X-1

u see the cover for GGen
is that 00gundam at the very back in transam?????
it blurry so i cant make it out

Comment by Ereos

Yes, that is 00 Raiser!

Comment by superrobotwar

00 Raiser!!!!!

Comment by codename:v

1. to superrobotwar,

forgive me for my question manners, but on the pic (the blurr one), is it true that is 00 raiser? because as “Ereos” posted earlier and I saw the scan, it looks like between “00 Raiser” and one of “the trinity Gundam (the red one).” Maybe if you have the clear scan, we can see that is “00 Raiser”.

2. to everyone,
Another update for SD Gundam G Generation Wars (date update and book scan) from famitsu:

release date for the game (Wii and PS2)–> August 6, 2009
price for game –> 7,329 yen ($76.37)
release date for the book (if I read right) –> June 3, 2009


please correct me if I am wrong to give the info about this. Thank you and Sorry for everything. I will see for the update of SD Gundam series (especially for SD Gundam G Generation Wars) and SRW series (especially on SRW Gakuen) from both official game websites. Once again, thanks and Sorry for my manners.

Comment by judo0054

Sorry for double post,

Source –> famitsu and dengeki

Comment by judo0054

Don’t worry its the 00 Raiser, trust me i can easily identify a gundam and its definetely 00 rasier, i can even see the twin GN-Drive from here

Comment by Rekkou

To rekkou,

ok if you say so. That means (my opinion)–> the series will complete (from First Gundam until Gundam 00 series (season 1 + season 2)). Thanks Rekkou. It was a great help. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

not necessarily, Gundam meisters on PS2 had Gundam 00 but only covered the first season. it could just be in the game as a bonus unit. like Turn A in G Gen Spirits

Comment by Wookieman

to wookieman,

you got a point

Comment by judo0054

an update on official website (only small update) –> a book guide only

website –>

Comment by judo0054

Front Mission Evolved’s advancement from turnbased RPG to 3D action maybe no stranger to NamcoBandai’s line of 3D action Gundam games like Musou and GundamVSGundam. As a matter of fact, the last time SE did a FrontMission 2D SNES action game was back in 1990s with FrontMission GunHazard title and only recently resurrected in MMORPG FrontMission Online. So technically, SE is pretty slow in the 3D action genre.

But then again, everyone loves to try out something new once in while. Backed by the popularity of FrontMission Online and overseas loyal FrontMission gaijin fans, SE’s Evolved version can only count on the ongoing fanbase loyalties and the outgoing mindset to try out new things from other mechafanbases (Gundam, AC, VO)

Bandai’s Gundam maybe the forerunner when it comes to mecha game genre but over sometimes, the Gundam title has seemed to bland out with an enormous surplus of Gundam titles in the market. Worst of all, most of this games aren’t so new despite being updated and released each years and NamcoBandai has failed to keep up the pace of enthusiasm and freshness in each titles. Now who doesn’t get tired and bored over playing the same old game year after year? Does everything mecha has to be GUNDAM?

As for this evolved title, it’s a gamble for both players and SE-DoubleHelix as it may be either a success or another SE flop that shows why SE aren’t fit to make action games. But with the success of FrontMission Online and years of good storytelling and plot-planning by the FrontMission division of SE, I sincerely believe that this evolved would turn out fine for both old and new FrontMission players. Who knows? This game may set off a new trend for FinalFanstasy as action based too.

Comment by codename:v

Looks likes the comment posting problems at ngeekhiong has forced codenamev annoying insignificant little childish wrath upon you people here at srwhotnews… hahah…

Comment by Anonymous

You must be new here =D We got used to him long time ago %) Trolling here is something like his job, so he is very important member of SRW Hotnews xD

Comment by Rune

c:v is so immature. He felt no remorse for what he has done at Ngee Khiong. I can’t believe he would post so many times to get on people’s nerves.

How can he be proud of what he is doing…

Comment by Remorse

Is that shot of a behind-the-back on-foot sequence actual gameplay from FM:E? One of the things I loved about Gun Hazard was that you could actually get out of your Wanzer and snoop around on foot.

I wouldn’t mind the return of that feature!

Comment by Hiro

Hmm? From what I see on the right side are compose of good guys and vice versa on the left… but how Amuro’s Nu Gundam is on the left?

Comment by LM

This is going to be like that VOTOMS game NamcoBandai released couple years ago, where Chirico can runs around on foot, hop onto an AT and bail out when it’s damaged. Gameplay was pretty stiff but turns out just okay. Well, this Evolved version is quite a late-comer as NamcoBandai’s Gundam has already made its mark on the mecha gaming market. Let’s just hope that the game can compete in the Gundam dominance market.

Comment by codename:v

And I suck cocks too

Comment by remorse

I suck Ngee Khiong cock everynight

Comment by Remorse

Still nothing on Battle Record 0081, the game I’m actually somewhat interested in. (I’m really hoping they learned their lessons from Crossfire for this one.) But would you look at that! That new G Gen game that hardly looks different from Spirits seems to be getting a lot of attention! God it’s not like everybody doesn’t already know EXACTLY what to expect. Just put in a series/mobile suits list and you have all the information you need, seeing as the gameplay doesn’t really vary that much from game to game aside from one or two new features…

Front Mission Evolved seems to have a lot of potential, I’ve really got my hopes up. Here’s hoping for a game that delivers the goods!

Comment by J-Lead

to LM

even though Amuro with his rx-78 or nu gundam is the symbolic image of GGen… but sooner or later UC going to be forgotten which ius a harsh reality even i hate it
SRW has even proved it
yet mazinger wont die in SRW since they remade the anime like….
but then the whole Unique Selling point of this GGen game is that the fact there 00 gundams and TRANS-AM…. which is dragging people to curiously see how to use it… and enjoy using them

Comment by Ereos

codename:v obviously is pretending to be Remorse. What a prick.

Comment by Nick R

Ereos, UC still has more merchandise then all other Gundam universes. It’s not ever going to be forgotten.

Comment by thepyro

I hope that 00 series (season 1 + season 2) will be on the game.

Comment by judo0054

SD gundam g generation wars going to have unicorn gundam as a secret bounus unit?

Comment by ReinaMK1

[…] hotnews nel consueto aggiornamento da Famitsu Magazine ha mostrato alcune scansioni che riguardano il gioco SD Gundam G Generation Wars previsto come è noto per le […]

Pingback by Gundam Universe Blog » Blog Archive » Wii/Ps 2, SD Gundam G Generation Wars: da Famitsu,poster,data.


Might appear on the game, might not. Let’s wait for the latest news. =)

Comment by sbhboi

thats true but then sorry i didnt specifically i meant UC in the games
the other products that sells gundam likes it models will not forget UC
since most of gundams merchandise is sold from it models…. u can tell by the times Rx-78 is kept being remodeled and sold with finer details or something different to it

though i still think WHY THE F*** IS NU GUNDAM ON THE LEFT like he bunched with the other evil mechs on the left like wth!!!

Comment by Ereos


Nu Gundam = Evil

Comment by Anonymous

And this isn’t UC’s game. This for AU. Look at the right side.

For UC = SD Gundam G Gen Spirits.

Comment by Sazabi

Pay attention that Nu Gundam aren’t facing to the right side but to the front side just like Exia and being in the middle doesn’t meant Exia is a neutral right?

Comment by Rekkou

SD Gundam G generation wars is probably the first of the SD gundam G generation on the wii (ps2 aside but not first)

Comment by ReinaMK1

Poor Turn A, being placed almost entirely out of sight.

Comment by crimson_oath

Turn A FTW!!!

Comment by Anonymous

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