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Front Mission Evolved new screens
June 5, 2009, 2:39 am
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sweet it looks but we cant say much for gameplay though i’ve never played one of these games

Comment by Ereos

Well, hey there Armored Core…

Oh wait a second. These enviroments are too varied to be AC. My bad.

Also the screen isn’t cluttered enough.

Comment by Hiro

Looks like this one is gonna fail…

Comment by codename:v

Gosh, I had wished this was a SRPG, it would’ve been great. Is too bad.

Comment by Greg Laury

I heard the reason why they’re switching to this genre is due to FM4 getting bad reception overseas, which is also why they never seem to bother translate FM5…

Comment by Anonymous

this is probably upgraded system from FMO, why not give it a try.

Comment by realgundam

FM evolved needs something better than Wanzer Customization & shooting action if they don’t wanna loose to AC, putting strategy element like capability to command your ally is the best bet but from the screenshot i doubt it’ll has it

Comment by Rekkou

Realism is FrontMission’s trademark when it comes to mecha battle, teamwork determines the chances of survival and each members must cooperate with each other in order to survive.

Each members are divided into different roles: Assault, Striker, Jammer, Sniper, Scout, Launcher, Mechanic and Radio. For example, assault is always followed by striker in the front line while the gunner and launcher provide long range supports from afar with the jammers jamming the enemies with ECM and scouts guide the launchers missiles straight to its targets. Mechanics are vital to the entire group for repairs to prolong survival chances and activities and radios can call for air strikes, supplies and salvages. So as you can see, FrontMission is not your regular “One-Man-Army” heroic game like Gundams and ACs where one supermech takes out a hundred. It’s real war on your screen and joypad.

(putting strategy element like capability to command your ally is the best bet but from the screenshot i doubt it’ll has it)

Rekkou: I think SE won’t leave out that command feature from this one, I would say this evolved version would requires higher AIs for the player’s teammates and that’s why they choose XBOX360. What more, 3 screenshots aren’t sufficient to tell whether the game is good or bad. We still haven’t heard much from game system, let’s just hope SE meant what they said “Evolved”

Comment by codename:v

With the direction AC4 and fA took I actually would say FME has a high chance to grab up some of the disappointed AC vets.
It probably wont be quite as fast as the old AC-game but at last it will be ground-based again.
If they add in some kind of objective based mode(something like in Killzone 2 would be nice,the mid mission changing objectives I mean)I think it could end up quite nice.
We will see.

Comment by Raz

I also want to add that if the developers of FME would put more emphasis on melee combat, then FME might be able pull this one.

Comment by Wateva!!!

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