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(Update) Megahouse – Deformover Alteisen and Weibritter
June 5, 2009, 12:15 pm
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Deformover Alteisen – August, 5,500 yen




Deformover Weibritter- August, 6,500 yen


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Christ deformovers still expensive as hell for SD kits and awesome at the same time. Hell yeah Alt and Weiss looking good!

Comment by F97 X-1

so ****ing expensive

Comment by Ereos

It comes with tiny figurines of Nanbu and Browning and they are painted, that’s why it’s a price of a GFF.

This is just nothing more but gashapon items to me and it’s so obvious that it bangs on fanboysim to be saleable. I think BB Sangokuen are more fun than these OGS war chesspieces and I wonder why don’t NamcoBandai release OGS on cardass and warchess instead of 2D sprites on PSP and NDS?

Comment by codename:v



Comment by Anonymous

to code: v or whatever
if you really think you are so intelligent and know what the market want why don’t you made one product of your own and let us see does your product really can sell?
(please respect other creation or at least prove yourself first )

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t need to prove anything to a fanboy faggot. So why don’t you just shut up already.

Comment by codename:v

Yeah, you do, V. Otherwise, we all are going to assume that you know you would fail. (despite that we already know you fail in life). As Anon just told you, “opinion invalid.” Try again next life. XD

Comment by Nameless

Don’t be dumb. Telling a single person to create a product that should sell well to prove himself? Come-fucking-on. I don’t feel adressed by codename:v’s comments, and so should the lot of you. So stop fucking bitching about what he says, it’s trice as irritating.

Ontopic: I don’t care for SD.

Comment by Keet

to be honest i would rather have them bb sd gundams than these
but codename.v maybe your expectations are just too high…
people kinda get that after watching too many animes or something along the terms even in gaming

Comment by Ereos

are these kits? I thought for this price, they are completed figures?

Comment by Anonymous

They ARE completed figures.

Comment by dodgethis

They look pretty good for sd sized figure. They’re also expensive as **** for sd sized figure.

Comment by shady123

>> Keet

Aww… you ruined the fun, Keet. I would like to see V’s abomination come to market. XD

It’s irritating, yes, but you’re going to have to deal with it.

Comment by Nameless

why are there SD figures necessary? Even my kids hate it….

Comment by ottoto

Please stop using my name and troll other people around.

Comment by codename:v

I like the look of the Weiss, but the Alt looks a little off to me. I’ll probably end up getting them though…

Comment by Kai

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