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New Super Robot Wars OG PVC Figure from Chara-Ani
June 5, 2009, 3:03 am
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Toys Woaks Collection 2.5 Super Robot Wars ORIGINAL GENERATIONS (PVC Figure)


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Go to hell, Toys Woaks.

Comment by Anonymous

this will only rile up paedo’s …. they should get rid of these frekkin things

Comment by Ereos

Why cant it be regular in that of these DEFORMED things.

Comment by ottoto

DP for correction….

Why cant it be the regular character size instead of these DEFORMED SHITTIS.

Comment by ottoto

Instead of size, i still like it if character like Katina & Ibis are in it, they rarely get attention

Comment by Rekkou

look at my fucking face

Comment by codename:v


Comment by F97 X-1

No doubt about it, it’s downright otakuism and OG should be called OTAKU GENERATION because it’s all lolicons and bishies from the beginning and SRWfags are always either MOE over minors or GAY for manly men. Robot spirits? HA!

Comment by codename:v

Dumb shit.

Comment by Keet


…says V basing his opinions off of company that isn’t connected with Bamco. Nice job at failing there. I take it V is now for Vail now?

Comment by Nameless

…People play OG because of Latooni and Sanger? Huh.

I always played them because I enjoy the Banpresto Originals as a whole. Ibis and Masaki and Yuuki and Irm and those guys.

…Why is Mai dressed like that?

I like how Kusuha comes with a tiny energy drink, though.

Comment by Hiro

This should be named SRW FAGGOTS

Comment by The Spoiler

Bringin’ all the moronic haters out~

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

The haters are probably the same person.

Comment by Anonymous

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