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HQ scans for SD Gundam G Generation Wars
June 7, 2009, 12:35 pm
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i m interesting to see what will be like playing it on the Wii.

Comment by ottoto

There’s nothing interesting about this GGen title, it’s the same old SLG from a decade ago, same old Gundam titles, same old MSs, same old plots… with the addition of 00 title. I don’t see how interesting can it be on a Wii when it’s all key-in commands and repetitive sprite animations. BORING

Comment by codename:v

ban cv for his overwhelmed trolling and disrespect

Comment by ban c:v

ban cv for his overwhelmed trolling and disrespect

Comment by ban cv

another thing about is whether or not if this game has the same g generation original mobile suits and/or something new under the warps right now

Comment by ReinaMK1

to superrobotwar,

thanks for the hq scan. I really appreciate it. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

I really hope Bandai allow previous saved game to be used.

Comment by starboykb

Since Mono-Eye gundam just got reviewed, i wonder if it’s a hint that they’ll be in this game

Comment by Rekkou

1) Can someone give me more of an explanation about monoeye gundam and why it’s so big if it’s in this?

2) Can anyone translate these scans? I have a bad feeling that only the 00 Riser may get in this game instead of all of 00 Gundam Season 2, I just hope im wrong 😦

Comment by mentos22

I apologize for “my” actions of trying to troll people around here. “I” may sound like “I” am joking, but I do love Gundam 00 and Gundam Seed along with Super Robot Wars. Apparently, the guy who has the DeviantArt site up along with using my original user name is impersonating me and apparently he likes to make me look bad about myself. The truth is I am a huge Gundam fan and I do have over 10 SRW games and I do play all the time. It’s just one of those times, where this guy had a serious problem with me and that he decided to impersonate me in every way. If you guys could try to get that user banned from DeviantArt for impersonating my user name and try to troll everything, please help me out if possible.

The truth is I would buy this for Wii instead of PS2 since you could mod it anyways.

and codename:v impersonator, please stop using my name. It’s annoying and that you are trolling other people in here to make me look bad.

Comment by codename:v

The real one wrote this
you are fake

Comment by Anonymous

Anon right! write your apology on your journal if you’re the real c:v

Comment by Anti-C:V

I gotta agree with him though, I don’t see the excitement in this one. I played the hell out of G Gen Spirits, to the point where I don’t want to play another G Gen game ever, and I certainly don’t feel like playing what is essentially the same game with AUs in it and less UC. Making it for the Wii is pointless, too, unless using a mouse that you wag instead of roll rather than a D pad somehow excites you. I want some more Front Mission Evolved and Battle Record 0081; everyone already knows anything there is to know about this particular game.

Comment by J-Lead

Well, aren’t the graphics at least new in this one? Won’t the animations be more like the recent Super Robot Taisen games, compared to the PSP one? That one’s animations weren’t really good, and it was my first and only G Generation game I have played. Sorry, but I’m new to the G Generation series, unlike the Super Robot Taisen one, and I’m looking forward to this game!:D

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

No it’s ok. I believe him that he’s the real one. Person who wrote that journal could be the person who’s trying to make the “real” guy look bad. I mean that person who talked trash is a troll. So he might impersonate real people

Comment by Aldotsk

I fuck my mum and did sodomize my father. Yeh it’s all because I’m a faggot.

Comment by codename:v

Shit, I think I see Gundam 00. Look way back, behind Gundam Exia. 🙂

Comment by Albert

hmm right hand mecha suddenly became “lefty” when used by enemies / vice-versa, problems for all sprite based game?

Comment by Anonymous

c/v thought he would troll this great site, but now has turned himself into a target for everyone’s bashing. LOL

Comment by LOL

Now I understand why Ngee Khiong recently disables comments on his blog.

Comment by Anonymous

Sorry for interrupt the “fun blog”, but another update on SD Gundam G Generation Wars (onlu an update from famitsu magazine):

– Special attack (I think for seeing the image)
– Support Defense (similar with SRW systems)
– Support attack / Covering Attack


Comment by judo0054

note –> only, not onlu. Sorry

Comment by judo0054

Agree. If he was real,he should apologize at Deviant Art there.That crow parrot keep writing Gundam as faggots in DA Journal.
If you was real ou wont have to come here for apologize,open and login and Apology at DA Journal.Then We will forgive you!!
We will know who the true ‘Akuma’ at behind annihilating.

Comment by Codename:/\

The true Akuma is Kamen Rider Decade.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

The True one is Gouki!AKUMA~!!

Comment by Ryu

judo0054, Thank for report.

Comment by superrobotwar

to superrobotwar,

no worries about that. Like I posted before on another post. I will look at the these 2 official games website (SD Gundam G Generation Wars and SRW Gakuen). Right now, I have to concentrate my final exam of my courses for 1 week. I will not look the website for 1 week. Hope I get pass on it. Point is, I’ll get back for seeing those official websites when it’s done. Later.

Comment by judo0054

not me. As miku fans, he make joke with his arts. and same as 00 gundam-haruhi-dragon ball character. Is just because he doesn’t like new release anime get ‘boom’in short term like haruhi than old grampa gundam that got acknowledge by fans after Zeta?

Comment by 4n0nym0us

[…] G-Gene Wars June 10th, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment SRW Hotnews has posted HQ scans for last week’s Famitsu, which unveiled more info about G Generation Wars […]

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