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New combat system
June 8, 2009, 11:15 pm
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[Famitsu. com] SD Gundam G Generation Wars new combat system.

– Special attack

– Support Defense

– Support attack


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Turn A ftw.

Comment by crimson_oath

ok. now when its coming?

Comment by ottoto

Yea, when is the release date? It is coming to the PS2 right?

Comment by Daizengar

its like the ds then i suppose

Comment by t0fu

The release is early August and for Wii and PS2

Comment by MagnaWingX

battleship support? now thats get alittle easy or harder

Comment by ReinaMK1

These so-called new systems are just the same with SRW’s. Yup, why waste time and money on develop new things? Just borrow from other similiar franchises like SRW and no one can tells the differences since faggots are stupid anyway. I truly pity the Wii for this faggotry.

Comment by codename:v

Actually, G Gen had battleship support attack in the series for quite a while though it was only the leader of each group that could call in the support attack in past games.

Comment by Dragen


Comment by Anonymous

8/6/2009 is the release date

Comment by daichi

I have incests with all of my family members.

Comment by codename:v

codename:v please shut up your mouth OK!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

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