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New HGUC boxarts
June 9, 2009, 5:02 pm
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HGUC Hi-nu Gundam



HGUC Ewac-Zack


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My mum’s pussy is tight!

Comment by codename:v

Seriously I didn’t know there’s another monoeye behind that Predalien head ! and, what’s that on the crotch…….

Nonetheless, HI-Nu’s boxart is quite nice !

Comment by sbhboi

Ewac-Zack’s box art has a random Gelgoog in the colorless background… or am I not understanding something?

Comment by Anonymous

me want hi-Nu

Comment by realgundam

codename:v impersonator,
I think it would be good if you don’t talk about other ppl’s mom. Is not nice at all. And what you are doing is even worst. So pls stop… you are not helping.

Comment by G.G.

lol ewac zack looks like a mobile suit COCKROACH…
man wtf with the crotch on it….

Comment by Ereos

Don’t tell me thats THE beam saber on the Ewac Zack… *points to the Ewac’s crotch region*
But it won’t the first time to happen…

Comment by BD

they should make a ewac zack without that back or like a detachable backpack… so ugly but hi-nu “drools”

Comment by Ereos

Yes, the Ewac Zack is ugly, but then so are pretty much all Zakus- that’s part of their charm. Still, the Eye-Zack is one of the most visually striking and balanced designs to come out of ZZ. Also, I think that the inappropriately located protrusion on its crotch is probably supposed to be an antenna.

Comment by lookieLoo

“Ewac-Zack’s box art has a random Gelgoog in the colorless background… or am I not understanding something?”

The African Liberation Front used both EWAC Zacks and Gelgoogs, in addition to their other mobile suits, including the Dowadge and Desert Zaku.

Comment by J-Lead

[…] Hotnews in questi giorni ha pubblicato una serie di Box Art piuttosto belli di modelli in uscita questo mese..Purtroppo per le loro […]

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who’s the idiot that is using V’s name to type stupid comments? I have never seen V type anything like that until recently. Realize that IP is logged so just dumb.

Anyways, the 1/144 HG HighNu looks great, hope the price is sub 2000yen. If it is more, they might has well stab me in the eye and steal my wallet.

Comment by Kosmos

codename:v = moron

Comment by Anonymous

Fuck me!

Comment by Anonymous

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