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Super Robot Wars Neo screens from
June 13, 2009, 4:18 am
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All screens from Famitsu.


Mazinger Z (Breast Fire)


Great Mazinger (Thunder Break)

Jushin Liger (Liger Sword)

Shin (New) Getter Robo (Getter Beam)

GoShogun (Space Bazooka)

NG Knight Lamune & 40 (Shield Boomerang)

Galaxy Cyclone Braiger (Braiger Sword)

Absolutely Invincible Raijin-Oh

Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger (Ganba Fire)

Hot-Blooded Strongest Go-Saurer (Saurer Magma Finish)

Kanzen Shouri Daiteioh (Kaiser Daidan End)

Iron Leaguer (44 sonic)

Mobile Fighter G Gundam (God Finger)

Lord of Lords Ryu Knight (Tornado Attack)


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From the looks of the screens, the Mech’s have better movement than what they had in GC, which is a huge improvement.

Comment by ShinmeiSuzaku

Better movement yes, but at this console generation I expect something better graphics wise. It’s kinda why I wish Branpresto would stick to 2D and just improve in that graphical world, but I guess if they want 3D they can go there. I guess they could work on getting better there to.

Comment by Bolinoak

So many Multipilot units, not that I’m complaining.

Also, codename:v FINALLY got his SRW game for his ‘superior’ wii console, I hope he’s happy.

Comment by Anonymous

Raijin Oh looks cool. Needs to be in a 2D SRW one day though.

Comment by AirMaster

SRW Z was a lot better

Comment by 00Raiser

I wish you stop comparing this title to other SRT games. This game is not BAD it is DIFFERENT. You see the difference between this words?
Well, no matter what other says, I’m waiting for this game.

Comment by Rune

Banpresto has worked 2d animation to an art form. Z had some of the most beautiful sprites I’ve ever seen, and their movement was extremely fluid and natural.

All this does it serve to show that they don’t have nearly the same proficiency with 3d graphics. This will just be joining SRW64 and SRWGC in the dubious honor of SRWs that I shut off the attack animations over the course of the entire game.

Comment by Anonymous

This SRW have Ps2 low graphics and a orrible cast…((no real robot what’s up?).Fourtnaly is on the Wii…bad game for bad console

Comment by 00Raiser

the “horrible cast” part would be totally subjective… judging by the series it wasn’t targeted at young-uns, but rather at the 20-30 YO age group who actually have seen these series when they were kids or something similar.

I agree that lacking any real type robots makes the game lose balance, but SRW K wasn’t exactly all that balanced either…

Hopefully they will make the game enjoyable via interesting combat systems and brilliant synthesized music (as banpresto always delivered) and voices filled with spirit to allow the player to re-live these classics!

Comment by Anonymous

SRW : SUPER ROBOT Wars! It isn’t real robot wars.

Comment by Anonymous

“This will just be joining SRW64 and SRWGC in the dubious honor of SRWs that I shut off the attack animations over the course of the entire game.”

Silly Anon, you couldn’t skip SRW64’s animations.

Comment by AirMaster

thats because SRW64 only has 2d sprites and the only 3d part of that is the background as if 2d sprite makes a attack

Comment by ReinaMK1

They obviously use 3D for minor SRW since it’s cheaper money and time wise than the frame by frame animation in the main ones. This becomes even more obvious when by the looks of it they hardly got any better with the 3D graphics visually (animation is still unknown, but I wouldn’t put much faith into it).

All in all just another forgettable SRW in the same vein as Mugen, Z, K and Gakuen.

Comment by Anonymous

>>All in all just another forgettable SRW in the same vein as Mugen, Z, K and Gakuen.

Z you said? As for me and not only for me, but for many fans, Z is the best SRT up to date.
And isn’t it a bit late to judge about Gakuen?

Comment by Anonymous

“Fourtnaly is on the Wii…bad game for bad console”

Awwwww…what is that? a sony fanboy.

Z is good but not than Alpha 3, it seems that you dont know what is SRW true feeling is.

Comment by Kosumo

Sorry for interrupt the fun again (as always). Not related with srw and SD Gundam G Generation series, but you need to see this. I found it on the website:

I do not know if this is a fake or not. Simply put, I checked the official website:

seems real for me for the trailer.

I think that’s all. Once again, sorry for my manners.

Comment by judo0054

gotta hate 3d srw!

Comment by Anonymous

To Anonymous,

Not my place to say, but chill out and patient. Bandai Namco games and Banpresto are doing their best to make srw games, even though in 2d (which we really like it) or 3d. The best thing we can do is cheer up them in any srw games what they have. Personally, I really like any srw games on any platforms, even though I only have PS2 console. Point is, patient and cheer up are the key of success for everything. ^—^

Comment by judo0054

(or anyone)
speaking of SRW Z, any chance of sequel to Z (I only heard Z is all new series timeline or possibly may not)

Comment by ReinaMK1

To reinaMK1,

I post the second time since there is a problem with the blog. According to wikipedia ( and few other posts of forum in “super robot wars hot news” website, SRW Z is a new timeline (including srw Z Special disc), like Alpha timeline

Comment by judo0054

@judo0054 : yeah that’s awesome! Kamen Rider Climax Heroes for PS2

Comment by Rider Kick

[…] ora si tratta della classica”pre apertura” non vi sono dati …moltissime immagini arrivano da Famitsu..Oltre alle versioni HQ delle immagini viste in precedenza vi sono anche molte immagini […]

Pingback by Gundam Universe Blog » Blog Archive » Super Robot Wars NEO,sito,HQ immagini,

to Rider Kick,

Have you seen the update of SD Gundam G Generation Wars on the official website? I gave posted few times on another forum.

Comment by judo0054

I will re-post it again on another forum for the update

Comment by judo0054

note –> “have” not “gave.” Sorry

Comment by judo0054

To Reina MK1

Z reminds me SRW@ Gaiden, but i dont know a thing ’bout a sequel but i have a feeling that a sequel can be make with mazinkaiser and shin getter robo xD….i really miss both in Z

Comment by Kosumo

I’m pretty sure that there will be Z’s sequel, because Asakim’s story is not yet finished and not clear to the players, so I doubt that they will leave thing as they are now.

Comment by Rune

I hope God and Banpresto hear our wishes.

Comment by Nessi

SRWZ had the best 2d graphics ever(with Odin sphere),for the sequel i think Z will be a trilogy like Alpha.Banpresto after the SRWZ have done many titles very crappy,(K is good…but reuse sprite of W)SRW Gauken and SRW Neo seems a waste of time…when Bapresto will announced SRWOG3 or SRWZ2?

Comment by 00Raiser

lets hope the SRWZ sequel has some suprises in store in somewere between we’re expecting or not expecting(in my case victroy gundam, code geass, and etc.), for timebeing we have find out.

Comment by ReinaMK1

If SRWZ will be a trilogy is higly probably that SRWZ2 have the first season of gundam00 and code geass the SRWZ3 have theyr second season

Comment by 00Raiser


gundam00 would be nice too

Comment by ReinaMK1

to 00Raiser

somethings bothering me about code geass in a srw, if the series is able be in a crossover or not (thats what i heard in other areas besides the gurren lagann part)

Comment by ReinaMK1

This is the worst SRW i ever seen, even SRW W was better.

Comment by shady123

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