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HQ scans for Super Robot Gakuen
June 14, 2009, 7:17 am
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From the latest Famitsu Mag.


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This is so Pokemon ish. you know.

Comment by ottoto

Its Pokemon in Super Robot War Version

Comment by SoulGain

I’m looking forward to this game than Neo. I simply don’t like the roster in Neo, not because it’s 3D or it’s basically has only super robots in it, but the super robot shows that’s featured in Neo feature grade school kids as the main characters.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

New system of SRW? Hm, nice. I love poke/digimon game

Comment by Anonymous

[…] Accanto le immagini in HQ di Super Robots Gakuen […]

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Why would you look forward to this game more than Neo if your main complaint is that Neo features grade school kids? This game takes place in a school and also features grade school kids!

Comment by Milkman Dan

Good point. I’m surprised that none of the other Yuusha shows (besides Gaogaigar) is in the game.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

to superrobotwar and everyone,

I repost an another update of SD Gundam G Generation Wars (copy paste from famitsu), however, maybe everyone is busy with their activities. Here we go:

– “direction” on game system which content Support attack, Support Defense, Support Attack from battleship and ms units, cockpit cut in, rush cut
– new “ms units”

official website –>

Comment by judo0054

Looks like there’s a banjou original character, will the Eternal Banjou be in this game as some sort of hidden robot?

Comment by bt

Milkman Dan you do know that this game is about high school kids not about grade school kids.

Comment by lone

I had a feeling that they would be high school kids. I wonder if you could play any of the enemy units from each series?

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Played Pokemon TCG for the GBA, this is going to play 80% similar.

Ah well, I’m still gonna get it anyway. Might as well enjoy the fun of that LOL. That character design is a dead clue for what stance the plot’s going to take.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

this game for fag

Comment by codename:z

Freedom Gundam I can say there is a 80% yes you can play as enemys because if they are reusing sprites then I do not see why they can not add enemy units as playable units.

Comment by lone


Comment by codename:v

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