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Super Robot Wars OG Secret Hangar
June 14, 2009, 7:10 pm
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New Super Robot Wars OG art book from Softbank Creative.

Super Robot Wars OG Secret Hangar

Release date: June 15, 2009

Price: 2,200 yen


Compatible Kaiser


Valsione Ver. Akitaka


Balgola Girl……


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lol….this must be of ryusei’s work published…if u know what i mean

Comment by Redcomet86

Finally… A “Good” SRW art book. Maybe we’ll see some secret stuff in development, or some nice variations on our favorite mechs.

Comment by Daizengar

If there is any possibility of a download link… 🙂

Comment by Daizengar

I’m disappointed that Valgora Girl doesn’t even slightly resemble Setsuko.

Comment by Anonymous

I like the Valsione Ver. Akitaka so far and not bad for Balgola Girl too.

Comment by ReinaMK1

So… any artwork in the book that doesn’t pander to fans of moe?

Comment by Anonymouse

@anon: Nope, just the cover.

Comment by Keet

Now this is really something, most of Artbook only contains stuff that can actually be found at

Comment by Rekkou

Wow! This artbook seems to be a real thing worth of buying. Ok, I’ll preorder one right now.

Comment by Rune

For starter, what do they mean by saying secret hangar? Are these just another poorly refined add-ons like Okawara’s MSV-R or just a peek into Mamasan Terada’s treasure chest of Ryusei-esque fanboyism?

Let’s be serious here, there won’t another OG title after OGG since OGs aren’t as saleable as borrowed mechs from dust covered homevideo tapes as old as 1980s and SRW isn’t changing at all after 19 years by still staying as the same old game. So what’s with all these blowjobs? It’s going to take more than just fag-services to keep up with changing times and tinking around with daddy’s old toys isn’t progress.

Man, SRW has so much growing-ups to do

Comment by codename:v

Considering how great that redesing of Valcyone looks, i hope we can see as good “takes” on well known OG Units like any of the Huckebeins or the Gespenst.

This books for now looks promising, as long as they keep it diverse and do show us other stuff than Mecha Musume (which it isn’t a bad thing but still it would be nice to see redesings of our favourite OG Units.)

Comment by Anonymous

I cannot imagine a Valsion kai when its redesigned

Comment by ReinaMK1

cv: It’ll grow up when you do and stop using the word fag. Which will be FUCKING NEVER.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by srwax

Valsione Ver. Akitaka > this one I like quite a bit. More than the original.

Comment by Yuu

DL link WHere? Scans where?

Comment by ottoto

Me waaaaants….

Comment by BD

The Akitaka Valsione looks pretty spiffy. I was already pretty tired of the old Valsione art.

Comment by glemtvapen

Akitaka? As in Mika Akitaka?? awesome! With all the new mecha and Gundams around he should release a new MS/Mecha Girls artbook or something.

Comment by Anonymous

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